Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Play a good fight against environmental prevention and control, and jointly promote green development

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On February 4, 2023, the leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission and Professor Yin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd. for investigation, exchange and guidance. Liu Xianqing, chairman of Sound Environment, and Yuan Denghui, technical director, received and attended the exchange meeting.

Mr. Liu accompanied the guests to visit the desert achievements and desert products of Mr. Yan Guangcai in the exhibition area. The participants visited carefully, witnessed the years of hard work and outstanding achievements of Yan Guangcai through each display photo, and raised relevant questions. President Liu answered one by one.

During the exchange meeting, Wang Weizhong, deputy manager of the Technology Department, gave video broadcast and technical explanation on the company's three major sectors, multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer, sludge treatment and desert treatment. On this basis, Mr. Yuan Denghui further showed the company's technical advantages and highlights to the guests, and made a professional explanation of the difficult issues raised by the guests.

The two sides had a warm and happy exchange. The participants expressed great admiration for Mr. Yuan and the expert team for their years of dedicated research, and hoped that the company would not forget its original intention and continue to adhere to the cause of environmental protection.

Under the national policy requirements of promoting green development and promoting dual-carbon standards, the company also actively responds to exploration and practical innovation, and is always ready to fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, and strive to build a beautiful and rich environmental home.

Zheng Runxian, director of the Sound Environment Office, Wang Weizhong, deputy manager of the Technology Department, and Deng Huidan, copywriter, participated in this exchange meeting.

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