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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Capital assistance - jianquan environment opens a new chapter!

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On April 8, sound group and Mingde capital signed an IPO guidance agreement at AVIC International Exchange Center. Liu Xianqing, chairman of sound environment, Yuan Denghui, technical director, Huang Huan, chairman of Mingde capital (Sichuan), Wen Biao, executive deputy general manager and other senior management teams of both sides jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

Mingde capital ecosystem has been building a "IPO guidance pipeline" for 25 years, and is committed to providing one-stop equity investment and financing, IPO guidance and resource support for enterprises. Three headquarters have been established in Beijing, Nanjing and Hong Kong, covering business education (Mingde Qiankun), listing guidance (Mingde Lanying) and venture capital (Mingde Tiansheng). Mingde cooperated closely with nearly 1000 domestic and foreign investment institutions, and cooperated with CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities and Zhongde securities in the mainland; Ruihua club, Guofu Haohua Club; He Yaodi law firm, Xue Fengkuang Cen law firm, Deheng Law Firm and other * institutions in Hong Kong have maintained in-depth cooperation. The * team of Mingde capital has successfully assisted 33 companies to IPO! It is expected that more than 50 IPOs will be listed in the next three years! The withdrawal rate of investment guidance was 96%, and the withdrawal rate of IPO equity investment was as high as 67%.

This time, the sound environment signed a contract with Mingde, continued to deepen cooperation, realized the rapid development and growth of the company, embarked on the road of IPO as soon as possible, and worked together to carry forward the environmental protection cause and make contributions to the environmental protection cause of mankind! Huang Huan, chairman of Mingde capital, said that Mingde will give full play to its own advantages, resource advantages and capital advantages, combine technology with capital, help improve the environment, enhance the vitality of industrial development, and achieve a win-win situation while strengthening the core competitiveness of the environment.

Subsequently, both parties formally signed the IPO guidance agreement. The signing of this Agreement means that sound environment will go hand in hand with Mingde, further utilize rich resources and teams to combine with sound environment's products and technical personnel, and also marks that sound environment has officially entered the fast track of IPO.

Mingde capital, Huang Huan and sound environment, Liu Xianqing


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