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Zhou Yixin, an expert on waste plastic treatment, officially joined the Sound Environment Group

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On March 21, 2023, the company's expert team received another powerful boost - Zhou Yixin, an expert in chemical treatment of waste plastics and tires, officially joined Sichuan Sound Environment Group as a distinguished expert.

Teacher Zhou Yixin, a member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Mechanical Department of Nanjing Institute of Technology. In 2012, we began to develop solid waste disposal projects and waste plastic continuous disposal equipment. After successful trial production in 2014, we shifted to waste tire environmental protection disposal projects. So far, it has more than 30 invention patents and new utility patents.

Disposal of waste plastics is a world-class problem, but Teacher Zhou Yixin has found solutions through years of dedicated research and experimentation. An innovative technology and set of innovative equipment to end plastic pollution and convert it into clean energy.

The company's general manager, Liu Xianqing, and technical director, Mr. Yuan Denghui, said that they can now combine the research results of Mr. Zhou to supplement the company's technical weaknesses. The strong alliance between the two sides will make the company's environmental protection business map more complete. In the field of domestic waste treatment, our company has advanced microbiological technology, combined with Teacher Zhou's technology, to form a comprehensive application of multiple proprietary patented technologies, which can solve the treatment and disposal problems of domestic waste at a low cost, achieve complete harmless treatment, and achieve a resource utilization rate of up to 95%. Using our technology, domestic waste is no longer a burden, but a resource and wealth.

Teacher Zhou Yixin expressed his great pleasure in joining the sound environmental family and will wholeheartedly strive for the company's environmental protection cause with his colleagues in the future.

Striving for environmental protection has been a long-standing wish of both sides, and now we will work even harder for the company's mission of "making the sky bluer, water cleaner, soil cleaner, food safer, and the whole nation healthier.".

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