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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Zhou Yixin, a special expert on improving the environment, came to the company for discussion and exchange

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On the morning of January 14, 2023, Zhou Yixin, a special expert on sound environment, visited Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd. for exchange and discussion. Liu Xianqing, chairman of Sound Environment, and Yuan Denghui, technical director, warmly welcomed and received the new teacher on Monday.

Teacher Zhou Yixin is an expert in chemical treatment of waste plastics and tires. The disposal of waste plastics is a world-class problem, but Zhou Yixin has possessed more than 30 invention patents and new utility patents through years of dedicated research and experiments. This is a great contribution to society and mankind.

During the meeting, Zhou Yixin introduced his scientific research experience, achievements and technological process of waste plastics in detail. The invention patent "a continuous tubular pyrolysis furnace for the ultimate disposal of plastics" and its supporting patent technology, for waste plastics and organic medical waste, it does not need to be classified and cleaned, and it can be easily and innocuously treated and recycled, all of which can be turned into treasure. The utilization rate of waste plastic pyrolysis treatment reaches more than 95%, and almost all of the water removed is used. After disposal, liquid fuel oil (commonly known as crude oil), solid carbon residue and combustible gas will be generated.

Mr. Yuan Denghui highly praised Mr. Zhou's thinking and technical route. It is said that plastic is indispensable to people's life, but it also causes serious pollution to the environment. It is very admirable that Mr. Zhou treated waste plastics well and utilized them as resources. We can't do a good job in environmental protection alone. The company is now combining the technology of Mr. Zhou to carry out technical integration, work together for the cause of environmental protection and make contributions to the society.

Mr. Yuan introduced his own microbial technology, focusing on soil microorganisms. The pilot test of sludge treatment technology was successfully completed. The odor control effect during sludge fermentation treatment was outstanding, and the concentration of heavy metals was significantly reduced; The Yingshan project has also been very successful in treating livestock and poultry manure with microbial technology, and is currently actively promoting the treatment of rural non-point source pollution.

Next, Manager Wang of the Technology Department gave a detailed introduction to the company's multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer, sludge treatment and desert control.

Mr. Liu said that the new teacher on Monday had powerful patented technology. At present, the company also has a series of patented technologies, but there are still shortcomings in the whole field of environmental protection. Now, if we can combine the research results of Mr. Zhou, the team of experts will be stronger, and the company's environmental protection sector will be more complete. The company has made great achievements in the field of environmental protection, and the company will achieve its mission. On the one hand, we can effectively publicize and promote the technical achievements of Mr. Zhou and other experts through the company platform, and on the other hand, we will form a good cooperation model of mutual benefit and win-win results.

Through this discussion and exchange, the first is the exchange of the current scientific research achievements of the company's expert team, and the second is the prospect of cooperation on future projects. The two sides reached an agreement after *. Next, they will further refine the cooperation model, vigorously promote the company's environmental protection projects, jointly commit to the development of environmental protection, and complete the company's mission of "making the sky bluer, the water cleaner, the soil cleaner, the food safer, and the people healthier".

Zheng Runxian, director of the Sound Environment Office, Wang Weizhong, deputy manager of the Technology Department, Lu Yongxiang, manager of the Finance Department, and Deng Huidan, copywriter, participated in the exchange meeting.

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