Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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The National Conference on Ecological and Environmental Protection was held in Beijing

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The meeting determined that the following key tasks should be done well in 2023

First, actively promote the practice of building a beautiful China. Focus on major regional strategies to build a leading area of beautiful China, and plan specific measures to support the high-quality development of major strategic areas with high-level protection of the ecological environment. We will vigorously promote rural ecological revitalization and build a beautiful countryside. Strengthen the construction and protection of beautiful rivers and lakes and beautiful bays.

The second is to solidly promote green, low-carbon and high-quality development. We will fully support the overall improvement of the service economy, strengthen the environmental impact assessment service guarantee for major investment projects, focus on promoting the construction of major engineering projects such as the construction of ecological and environmental infrastructure, and vigorously develop the ecological and environmental protection industry. We will carry out collaborative innovation in pollution reduction and carbon reduction in multiple levels and fields, do a good job in the management of the second performance cycle of the national carbon market, improve the greenhouse gas inventory preparation system, and deepen the pilot construction of climate-adapted cities and low-carbon cities.

Third, we will thoroughly fight against pollution. We will solidly advance the battle for the protection of the blue sky, focus on promoting the construction of environmental infrastructure such as natural gas pipeline networks, orderly promote clean heating in the northern region according to local conditions, promote the transformation and comprehensive treatment of ultra-low emissions in key industries, carry out in-depth treatment of VOCs, deepen joint prevention and control of air pollution in key regions, and implement the action plan for noise pollution prevention and control. We will solidly promote the battle of protecting clean water, continue to promote the pilot of water ecological assessment in the Yangtze River basin, comprehensively implement the remediation of the tributaries into the Yellow River, organize and carry out urban (including county) black and odorous water body remediation actions, consolidate and improve the level of drinking water safety assurance, and comprehensively strengthen the supervision of mariculture, marine engineering, marine dumping and marine garbage. We will solidly promote the clean land protection war, strengthen the implementation effect of major engineering projects to control the source of soil pollution, strengthen the control of soil pollution on the plots of enterprises in production and closed and relocated enterprises, carry out the delineation of key areas for prevention and control of groundwater pollution, and continue to promote rural environmental improvement. Strengthen the treatment of solid waste and new pollutants, further promote the high-quality construction of "waste free city", further promote the reform of strengthening the supervision and utilization of hazardous waste, launch the pilot project of new pollutant treatment, and carry out the prevention and control of heavy metal pollution in key industries.

Fourth, we should earnestly safeguard the security of the ecological environment. We will continue to strengthen the supervision of ecological protection and restoration, strengthen the comprehensive law enforcement of ecological environment protection in nature reserves, promote the introduction of major project plans for biodiversity conservation, and further promote the demonstration of ecological civilization construction. Strengthen the investigation of environmental hazards and risk prevention and control in key areas, continue to promote the construction of environmental emergency capacity, improve the joint prevention and control mechanism of water pollution emergencies across river basins, and timely and properly handle various environmental emergencies.

Fifth, strict nuclear and radiation safety supervision. Continue to improve the nuclear safety supervision system and capacity, and strengthen the construction of nuclear and radiation monitoring network. Strengthen the daily supervision of the operation of nuclear power plants and research reactors, carry out in-depth supervision on the approval of new nuclear power units and research reactor license applications and construction and commissioning activities, and strengthen the supervision of the operation of nuclear fuel cycle facilities and on-site supervision of nuclear safety equipment activities. We will strengthen the supervision and inspection of transport containers for radioactive materials and transport activities, uranium mining and smelting and associated radioactive ore development and utilization enterprises, strengthen the supervision of nuclear technology utilization and electromagnetic radiation construction projects, and continue to promote the treatment of radioactive waste, the disposal of associated ore residues, and the decommissioning of old facilities.

Sixth, promote the supervision and law enforcement of ecological environmental protection according to law. Deeply promote the central supervision of ecological and environmental protection, and do a good job of supervision and rectification "the second half of the article". Improve the efficiency of ecological environment supervision and law enforcement, build a new system of remote supervision and assistance, continue to carry out supervision and assistance for the improvement of air quality in key areas, and organize and carry out pollution prevention and control in an orderly and efficient manner to strengthen supervision as a whole. We will continue to promote the inspection and rectification of the sewage outlets of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Bohai Sea, comprehensively rectify the fraud of third-party environmental protection service institutions, deepen the special rectification of the up-to-standard discharge of the domestic waste incineration power generation industry, and continue to crack down on the illegal crime of the automatic monitoring data fraud of hazardous waste and key pollutant discharge units.

Seventh, accelerate and improve the modern environmental governance system. We will improve ecological environment regulations, policies and standards, continue to promote the revision of laws and regulations in key areas, and promote the research and introduction of green finance, trade and industrial development policies. Strengthen the management of ecological environment standards and establish the ecological environment benchmark database. Organize and implement the national environmental health management pilot work. Deepen the reform in the field of ecological environment, promote and improve the vertical management system of monitoring, supervision and law enforcement of ecological environment institutions below the provincial level, establish and improve the ecological environment zoning management and control system, complete the construction of enterprise environmental information disclosure system according to law, and strengthen the management of pollution discharge permits and quality verification. We will establish and improve a modern ecological environment monitoring system, carry out special actions to improve the quality of national environmental monitoring, and accelerate the sharing of local monitoring data with the national network. We will strengthen scientific and technological support for ecological environment governance, further promote scientific and technological assistance for ecological environment, actively promote the establishment of scientific and technological projects in the field of ecological environment, and vigorously promote the construction of ecological environment information platform. We will do a good job in the regular press release and continue to promote the opening of environmental protection facilities to the public. Earnestly implement international environmental conventions, deeply participate in the international negotiation process of the main channel of climate change, fulfill the duties of the COP15 presidency, promote the implementation of the "Framework", and improve the "the Belt and Road" International Alliance for Green Development.

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