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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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It is urgent to protect the earth and the environment

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This year we are experiencing a particularly long and hot summer since records began. Under the influence of high temperature, patients with heat stroke frequently appear, but the terrible thing is that high temperature is only the beginning.

Due to the continuous high temperature and little rain, the Yangtze River basin is facing severe drought, many rivers are cut off, crops are wilted by the sun, and domestic animals are dying on a large scale. This has directly and seriously affected the income of farmers. The high temperature is followed by drought, followed by power shortage. The power load of Sichuan Province has increased by 25% compared with last year, while the precipitation has decreased by 51% compared with the same period. Power consumption continues to be seriously overloaded, and commercial power consumption and even residential power consumption are beginning to be affected. At the same time, large-scale mountain fires and the sudden turn of drought and flood occurred in many places.

Is this summer's high temperature an accident or a beginning? The term "* warming" has been mentioned more and more. Many scientists believe that the increase of the greenhouse effect caused by a large number of greenhouse gas emissions is the basic reason for global warming. With the rapid economic development, people's living standards are constantly improving. However, people's production and life produce a lot of carbon dioxide and methane, which keep the earth warm after entering the atmosphere. This phenomenon has no sign of slowing down.

According to the Independent, * temperature is expected to rise by 3.2 ℃ by 2100. If the current trend of environmental pollution cannot be reversed, * temperature rise of 3 ℃ will lead to the extinction of a large number of organisms and make * many areas no longer suitable for human habitation. The greed, selfishness, wanton destruction and endless demands of human beings have made our living environment face a more serious crisis.

*Climate warming is also the background of frequent bad weather and climate events* The WMO issued a statement that the number of bad events in * regions has increased significantly, and they are widely distributed. It is expected that bad events will occur more frequently in the future.

The heat energy it brings will provide huge kinetic energy to the air and ocean, thus forming disasters such as large-scale typhoons, hurricanes and tsunamis; A large area of drought in inland areas will lead to a shortage of food and meat products, which will directly threaten the stability of *; It may also make our fresh water resources iceberg ice and snow, which are far from melting fast, and will lead to conflicts and wars due to water shortage.

The harms of warming are closely related to us. Can we just sit back and wait? Of course not* There are still many countries, governments and enterprises struggling to protect the environment.

For example, Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd. is a private scientific and technological enterprise focusing on environmental governance and environmental protection. The company focuses on microbial technology, and has achieved good results in many fields, such as biological organic fertilizer, desertification treatment, sludge biological treatment, garbage biological treatment, water pollution treatment, soil pollution treatment, tailings ecological restoration, etc.

But as a common slogan goes, "Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment", each of us can contribute to the daily necessities of life. For example, implement the "CD-ROM Action", purchase organic natural materials such as pure cotton and general hemp, use less disposable tableware and plastic bags, and travel more by public transport.

Facing the severe challenges of the environment, each of us can do much more. We should keep in mind that the ancients said, "Do not do evil on a small scale, and do not do good on a small scale." Environmental pollution can be said to add up, but our environmental protection is still the same. As the development concept of "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" put forward by *. Every little thing we do to protect the environment will add up to a powerful force.

Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd. is willing to work with organizations from all walks of life and people with lofty ideals in environmental protection to stick to the path of environmental protection and jointly discuss the challenges and solutions to environmental pollution.

It is incumbent on each of us to protect the ecological environment. We should start from the little things around us, protect our homeland together, and make contributions to the construction of green *, prosperity * and even * environment

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