Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Scientific and technological innovation empowers new development, creating a new picture of green environmental protection

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On March 30, 2023, Yu Qingcai, Deputy Director of the Policy Research Center of the former Ministry of Environmental Protection and the current Development and Reform Commission, and Zhang Jinwu, Founder of the Global Emergency Rescue Center and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Group, led a delegation to visit Sichuan Sound Environmental Group Co., Ltd. for investigation, exchange, and guidance. Liu Xianqing, Chairman of Sound Environment, attended the exchange meeting and warmly received Director Yu and his delegation.

Technological innovation empowers new development. During the exchange meeting, Deputy Manager Wang of the Sound Environmental Technology Department introduced in detail to Director Yu and his entourage the continuous optimization of the technical system and the processing capacity and level of various environmental protection sectors over the years by the sound environmental expert team. For example, the company's chief expert, Dr. Yan Guangcai, led the desert governance team through 13 years of arduous investigation, comprehensively and thoroughly investigated the relevant conditions of 12 desert sand areas, mastered first-hand information, summarized 48 difficult problems in desert governance, and found solutions one by one; The multifunctional biological fertilizer product researched by Professor Yuan Denghui, Technical Director, has undergone over 5 years of expert level experiments on dozens of crops such as melons and fruits, vegetables, tea, tobacco, and rice, and has been widely used by users. With no need to add chemical fertilizers, it has generally increased production by 15% to 30%, which can completely replace chemical fertilizers; The patented technology of "anaerobic cracking of waste plastics into energy" owned by distinguished expert Zhou Yixin is a patent chain consisting of more than 20 invention patents and utility model patents, which solves the world problem of waste plastic treatment.

During the exchange, Director Yu stated that the country is now deeply practicing the concept of ecological civilization and promoting the transformation and upgrading of green development with high quality; At the same time, the national environmental protection policy is inclined to excellent high-tech environmental protection enterprises. Sound environment has a strong expert team and leading domestic patented technology, especially in sludge treatment and disposal, multi-functional biological organic fertilizer, and desert governance, which has made amazing achievements and is worth vigorously promoting.

Chairman Zhang also said that his team has always actively responded to the national "dual carbon" strategy, and is currently vigorously promoting multiple projects such as rural revitalization and saline-alkali land improvement, which have a foundation for cooperation with a sound environment in many aspects; In addition, Chairman Zhang is very interested in the microbial technology owned by the sound environment and looks forward to strengthening follow-up communication and cooperation with the sound environment. The two sides exchange what they need and jointly contribute to the environmental protection war.

General Manager Liu said that a good ecological environment is the well-being of all people. Protecting and managing the environment is the unshirkable responsibility of the Sound Group. All employees of the company firmly establish and practice the concept of "green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and implement the company's mission and values in all fields and links of environmental protection work. I believe that with the unremitting efforts of all healthy people, our pursuit of clear water, blue sky, and pure land will become a reality.

Zheng Runxian, Director of the Sound Group Office, and Wang Weizhong, Deputy Manager of the Technology Department, and Zhou Luhui, General Manager of Wantian Spring Fertilizer Industry, a subsidiary of the Group, attended the exchange meeting.

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