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Learning Times: To achieve the goal of "double carbon", we must rely on scientific and technological innovation, in which digital technology is very important

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To achieve the goal of "double carbon", we must fundamentally rely on scientific and technological innovation, in which digital technology plays an important role. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has developed in depth, and digital technology is increasingly integrated into the whole process of economic and social development in all fields. Making good use of digital technology to help achieve the "dual carbon" goal is to use digital technology to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, promote industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, stimulate the potential of market mechanism, guide people to participate widely, and promote the green and low-carbon development of digital technology.

We will accelerate the adjustment of the energy mix. The green and low-carbon transformation of energy structure is the basis for achieving the "double carbon" goal. On the whole, it is necessary to promote digital technology to cover energy production, storage, transportation, regulation, consumption and other links, and help the green and low-carbon transformation of energy structure. Specifically, on the production side, digital technology should strengthen the forecast of weather changes, realize dynamic monitoring of power production, so as to carry out intelligent peak shaving, remote monitoring of equipment, energy consumption and power management, which can not only promote energy conservation and emission reduction of fossil energy power generation, but also help new energy power generation to be stable and controllable; In the energy storage, transportation and regulation links, the integrated application of the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence can improve the peak shaving ability, climbing speed and fast start stop ability of thermal power units, improve the intelligent level of the power transmission network, and enable the exploration and landing of the vehicle network interactive energy storage technology; On the consumer side, it is a gradual process to realize electrification and the substitution of non carbon energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy for fossil energy consumption. There is a need for process reconstruction and upgrading in various degrees in the fields of residents' life, industry, transportation, agriculture, etc. This process can make full use of digital technology to achieve intelligent and flexible energy consumption.

Promote industrial energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy conservation and emission reduction in high carbon emission industries such as industry, transportation, construction and agriculture is the key to achieving the "dual carbon" goal. On the whole, it is to promote the integration of digital technology and the upgrading of production technology in various industries, and coordinate the promotion of production, energy conservation and emission reduction. Specifically, in the industrial field, it is necessary to promote the full chain coverage of technologies such as the Internet of Animals, big data and artificial intelligence, and help the traditional high energy consuming and high emission sectors such as steel, building materials, chemical industry, as well as the intelligent, clean and energy-saving transformation of manufacturing, marketing, logistics, recycling and other links; In the field of transportation, it is necessary to further strengthen the integration of digital technology and high-precision maps on the existing basis, improve the level of vehicle road coordination and traffic intelligence, and reduce urban congestion; In the field of construction, it is necessary to comprehensively use digital technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data, and get through independent systems such as building lighting, cooling and heating, and communication through software and hardware upgrading to achieve intelligent monitoring of building energy consumption; In the agricultural field, digital technology should be used to promote the intellectualization and refinement of planting, animal husbandry, agricultural product processing and other departments, improve the efficiency of water supply and power supply, farmland water conservancy, processing and production, and reduce waste.

Stimulate the potential of market mechanism. The formation and development of a market mechanism conducive to energy conservation and consumption reduction and green and low-carbon development is an important support for achieving the goal of "double carbon". On the whole, it is necessary to innovate and use digital technology to help establish standards, disclose information, monitor behavior, and evaluate accounting, improve the effectiveness of market-based means such as carbon trading, carbon taxes, green subsidies, and green finance, and reduce the investment and financing costs and social and economic costs required for green and low-carbon transformation, on the premise of abiding by market rules. Specifically, in the process of carbon trading, it is necessary to use distributed storage, smart contracts and other means * an full storage, smooth interaction and convenient verification of transaction data to reduce the trust cost of participants, improve transaction efficiency and protect legal rights and interests; In terms of taxes and subsidies, it is necessary to strengthen the accounting and troubleshooting of carbon footprint through blockchain, big data, cloud computing and other means, do a good job of superposition or deduction with emissions trading, avoid double counting, so as to optimize financial expenditure, reduce administrative costs and enterprise costs; In terms of green finance, it is necessary to improve the transparency of relevant projects with the help of digital technology, promote financial institutions to provide more products and services in combination with specific scenarios, effectively promote the sustainable and healthy development of green low-carbon investment and financing, and encourage more enterprises to invest in low-carbon areas.

We will guide people to participate widely. The broad and active participation of the public is the key to achieve the goal of "double carbon". On the whole, we should seize the general trend of expanding people's daily life from offline to online after the popularity of mobile Internet and the outbreak of the epidemic in recent years, so that people's low-carbon behavior in offline scenes can be reflected online, and further encouraged through rich online scenes. Specifically, it is necessary to innovate interesting ways such as green energy and carbon credits, encourage more people to participate in activities such as CD card punching, garbage sorting, green travel, low-carbon donation, and public welfare tree planting, and guide a simple, moderate, green, low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle; We should flexibly use the new interactive scenarios and communication advantages promoted by digital technology to carry out green and low-carbon social action in the cloud, so that low-carbon knowledge and concept reach more grassroots people, enhance the awareness of saving and environmental protection of the whole society, and form a new trend of energy conservation, emission reduction and green and low-carbon.

Promote the low-carbon and green development of digital technology itself. The development of digital technology and digital industrialization should put green and low-carbon in a more important position. On the whole, we should focus on reducing energy consumption of new infrastructure and improving clean power supply, and take technological advantages, geographical environment, resource endowment, location characteristics, etc. into comprehensive consideration of digital industry development and construction. Specifically, it is necessary to continuously optimize algorithms and improve computing power, and use the advantages of algorithms and computing power to monitor the daily operation of new infrastructure. It is necessary to measure and adjust the operating load by combining artificial intelligence and other means, and achieve low system energy consumption on the premise of full and stable performance; It is necessary to strengthen the combination of energy advantages with the region, comprehensively consider the local new energy, electrical network facilities, climate and environment, integrate and promote the construction of new infrastructure and roof distributed photovoltaic, wind and solar storage, solar thermal and other new energy projects, and increase the proportion of new energy power supply; It is necessary to explore and optimize the distributed construction and layout of new infrastructure, strengthen the recovery and utilization of server heating, use the running waste heat for heating in surrounding office areas and residential areas, and improve the primary energy utilization rate of the whole system.

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