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Yan Guangcai's lecture on desert control project was a complete success

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On the afternoon of December 27, 2022, Yan Guangcai, the chief expert of Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on desert control project.

Mr. Yan Guangcai is the founder of the International Green Global Research and Development Organization. He led a group of experts to engage in "green cause research" since 1966, with 536 internationally renowned experts from 26 countries participating successively. A total of 126 research results have been achieved in eight fields, including green cause theory and ecological governance research. In Hangjinhou Banner, Inner Mongolia, the "China Hangjinhou Desert Control International Demonstration Base" was established, and the command to control the 82-meter-high sand dune was successful, which was highly praised by the international community.

As soon as the announcement of the lecture was announced, people from all walks of life called in droves to come to study* Later, the company invited more than 20 partners who plan to cooperate with the company and have great enthusiasm for environmental protection.

Before the commencement of the lecture, several representative videos of Mr. Yan's solution to the food crisis in North Korea and the treatment of 82-meter-high sand dunes were broadcast on the scene.

Teacher Yan personally brought a number of diagrams, combined with on-site physical data and picture data, to vividly show everyone about the desert control project, explained in detail the basic knowledge, professional technology and economic and social benefits of desert control, and patiently answered the questions raised by on-site partners.

Regardless of personal safety, gain and loss, fame and wealth, teacher Yan's persistent research for many years is an intelligent action and green revolution to solve the increasingly serious desert crisis. Yan Guangcai not only provided the basis of combining theory and practice for desert control, but also pointed out a sustainable development path for many environmentalists. Let us dare to challenge the desert and ask for good fields and food from the desert.

Teacher Yan's lecture on desert control project lasted for 3 hours. The present partners expressed their admiration for Yan Guangcai's selfless and selfless research spirit, and marveled at his wisdom, talent and achievements. His research results will have a profound impact on saving human food crisis and saving human ecological crisis.

Inspired by Yan Guangcai's on-site explanation and spiritual guidance, everyone expressed their willingness to actively participate in the cause of environmental protection and contribute their own strength. Finally, in the warm applause of everyone, the lecture ended smoothly and achieved a complete success!

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