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Innovative health care new method novel ideal natural health care method

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Dietotherapy can help you eat healthy meals three times a day

Environmental therapy can help you get healthy in leisure

Field therapy enables you to gain health unconsciously

Breath therapy can help patients reduce pain in a short time

Oxygen chamber therapy can make patients feel refreshed during sleep


1、 The significance of natural health care

2、 Pollution will become the enemy of human health.................................... 1

(1) Another crisis of mankind - pollution.................................... 1

(2) Hazards of drug contamination

3、 Natural health care method will become the ideal health care method for human beings 4

(1) Ecological environmental therapy is the core of natural health care.................................... 4

1. Emergence of ecological health care therapy

2. Ecological environment health care method is the leading method of natural health care 5

(2) Classification of natural health care methods

(3) Briefly describe the construction of natural health care method * rehabilitation center

1、 The significance of natural health care

The natural health care method belongs to the category of natural health care. The natural health care method introduced by the organization refers to a health care method that is pollution-free and can make the human body return to its original nature (it means that no chemicals are used in the health care process).

Modern means of health care belong to allopathic therapy. Injections and medicines are all chemical drugs. These chemicals frequently enter the human body, which will pollute the internal environment of the human body and reduce the immune capacity of the human body. Many drugs have double-edged sword effect, which means that these drugs also have side effects when they are used. While people are in health care, other organs and organs of the human body are damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, modern medical means are not an ideal means of health care.

The health care method led by Mr. Yan Guangcai, which does not use any chemicals, is completely an ecological natural health care method with the ecological environment method as the main body. At the same time of health care, it will not pollute the human body environment or cause harm to people; At the same time, it can eliminate toxins in the human body, purify the internal environment of the human body, and adjust the human body and endocrine system; It can make the human body return to its original nature, enhance the immune function of the human body, reduce the interference of diseases, and promote human health. Therefore, the natural health care method will become the ideal health care method for human beings in the 21st century.

2、 Pollution will become the enemy of human health

(1) Another Crisis of Human Existence -- Pollution

1. Environmental pollution

With the modernization of industry and human life, the environment on which human beings depend for survival is deteriorating day by day, which is another kind of crisis for human survival.

Environmental factors include four aspects, namely, air, water, biology and rock. Water and air are polluted to varying degrees due to the erosion of waste gas and water from industrial production and automobiles; The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hazardous air in agriculture has polluted crops to varying degrees; All kinds of auxin, stimulator, chemically synthesized methionine, lysine, vitamins and various drugs used for raising livestock, poultry and aquatic products in animal husbandry are chemical substances, which pollute all kinds of meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products eaten by people to varying degrees; The dust and dust in the air are polluted by various harmful gases, and people breathe this kind of dust scattered in the air every day and every hour... Human beings exist in such an environment. People have to eat, drink water and breathe air every day. If people cannot eat uncontaminated food, drink clean water and breathe clean air, in the long run, the internal environment of the human body is often seriously polluted, which will damage the internal organs of the human body, and the endocrine system of the human body will be damaged and become disordered; The immune function of the human body is disturbed, and the function is gradually reduced. This is what people often say about the harm caused by environmental pollution in four aspects.

2. Drug contamination

In the academic exchange activities, we emphasized that there is another kind of pollution in human beings, that is, medical pollution, which is what we call the fifth kind of pollution. With the modernization of human life, people have higher and higher requirements for health, and the application of medicine is more frequent; The more developed *, the higher the medical requirements. One of the things that children are born with is to have all kinds of vaccinations, which should be given once or several times every one or two months; When they are about to walk, they also take calcium tablets and other drugs, which in itself will make children suffer from a systematic pollution from birth. These are the medical procedures that people have been carrying out since birth; In addition, many people go to have a drop needle as long as they are ill. They think it is a fast and effective method, but they do not know that it is a large-scale internal environmental pollution. Also, we don't pay attention to proper drug use. As long as it is a disease, we need to use good drugs. We believe that only in this way can we recover quickly and have good effects. As a result, the human body has drug resistance, causing a vicious circle of drug use. With the increasing use of drugs, the side effects and pollution on the human body will become more serious. If this goes on for a long time, it will reduce the immune function of the human body and make these people become susceptible to infection.

3. The consequences of pollution

What is more serious is that pollution will change the characteristics of bacteria and viruses, and then mutate, producing mutable viruses and new strains, causing many strange and strange diseases. The new strain spreads quickly, one bird is sick, and one person is sick. Many diseases that even doctors can not name are numerous, such as bird flu and other diseases that affect * occur frequently from time to time, making human beings overwhelmed. These strange and strange diseases also endanger human life, but people are helpless and unable to cope with them, and they have not found an effective method for a long time.

According to statistics, the population with low immune function in big cities accounts for more than 50%, the population in suburban areas accounts for about 35%, and the population in rural areas only accounts for about 25%. The reason why the urban population is more sick than the rural people and mountain people, and why the urban population has more people with low immune function, is that their living environment is worse than the environment in rural mountain areas, and they are much more polluted than the rural people and mountain people, which is the harm of pollution.

The person with low immune function is an unhealthy person. The people with low immune function are the first to be infected by viruses and germs, strange and difficult diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases.

(2) Hazards of drug contamination

According to statistics, the proportion of healthy people in cities is less than 50%, and these healthy people use various chemicals at least 18 times a year; 50% of the population is susceptible to infection with low immune function, and these people should use chemicals at least 36 times a year (that is, more than 3 times a month); 10% belong to the multi disease population with low immune function, who should use chemicals at least 80 times a year (that is, more than 6.7 times a month); The remaining 10% of the population belongs to the sickly population, and these people use more than 150 chemicals every year (that is, more than 12.5 times a month).

This number is amazing. Every household of the urban population has various kinds of chemical drugs on hand, which shows that the application of these chemicals is extensive and systematic. If this continues from generation to generation, the genetics of these people will be changed, so that the immune function of these people and the next generation will be low, and strange diseases will increase; This is the reason why most of the strange and strange diseases in * occur in developed * and urban people.

When people use chemicals, they also bring other hazards to human beings. For example, when people use cold medicine and erythromycin tablets, they will cause gastrointestinal dyspepsia; Patients with hypertension often use antihypertensive drugs to become dementia; Hearing loss of patients receiving long-term streptomycin injection.

3、 Natural health care method will become the ideal health care method for human beings

(1) Ecological environmental therapy is the core of natural health care

1. Emergence of ecological environmental health care method

In an investigation of a mountain area in Fujian Province, we found that almost no one in the densely growing area of taxus and farmers who used to plant taxus in front of and behind their houses suffered from cancer. Later, in the actual investigation in Yunnan, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places, this phenomenon was confirmed, which confirmed that Taxus chinensis is not only a good medicine for cancer patients, but also its smell has the same effect on cancer, that is, the ecological environment has the same effect on patients.

After years of field investigation, it was found that many plants have the same effect on cardiovascular disease and pulmonary disease. Therefore, we conceived the ecological natural health care method, and introduced the ecological environment health care method into the natural health care system.

The natural rehabilitation center led by us has cultivated more than 100 kinds of plants inside and outside the hospital area, which is composed of forests of various trees. Various trees, potted plants and flowers form a dense ecological environment. Some rely on the smell of plants * disease, some rely on the smell of flowers to adjust the state of the body, and some rely on the smell of plants to enhance *. In addition, it is also equipped with various fish ponds, various animals (cats, dogs, birds and interesting animals), as well as various sports fields, activity fields, amusement parks, etc.

2. Ecological environment health care is the leading method of natural health care.

Our natural health care center has different inpatient areas according to different diseases, and each hospital area has its own characteristics. Examples are as follows:

There is a cancer inpatient area in the hospital area, and many tall taxus of different varieties are specially planted around it, including flowering, non flowering, fruiting and non fruiting taxus; In the corridor of the inpatient building, there are various taxus bonsai and flower bonsai; Various taxus and flower bonsai are also placed in the ward; The bed is also equipped with a yew pillow for patients. Then, according to the different conditions of each patient, various configurations are slightly adjusted.

The above is the environmental preparation of an inpatient area. Others include cardiovascular disease inpatient area, pulmonary disease inpatient area, etc.

There are also many types of ecological environment health care methods: oxygen chamber therapy, field therapy, traditional Chinese medicine breath therapy, forest law, etc.

The above various health care methods are ecological environmental health care methods. The patient lives in such an environment. In addition to this environment, the patient first feels relaxed and happy and open-minded, which enhances the "source of mind and body" effect of the patient and improves the patient's psychological disease resistance. The main reason is that the patients have changed their way of thinking, resolved negative emotions, eliminated anxiety, controlled anger, and improved their confidence and ability to defeat the disease; Secondly, the health care method we use is different. It is to apply various effective methods to the ecological natural therapy system, so that patients can recover unintentionally.

(2) Classification of natural health care methods

According to the medical methods, we divide the natural health care methods into three categories, which are summarized as follows:

Class, a method to achieve the goal of health care without touching the human body.

Plant field breathing method: according to the patient's disease condition, various potted flower groups, potted landscape groups and plants are used to form a breath field, and the patient is in one of the positions, and a method is used to achieve the goal of "*".

Field therapy: some buildings, stone pillars and rockeries are formed into a field, in which the patient is in a certain position to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Breath therapy: Traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat people. We use the smell of traditional Chinese medicine to treat people, that is, to put the smell of traditional Chinese medicine into a space through certain methods.

Oxygen chamber therapy: It is a method to equip various plants in a space and use the oxygen produced by plants to give people.

Magnetic field method: according to the patient's condition, an electromagnetic field is formed, in which the patient faces one direction to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Qigong Therapy: Apply Qigong .

Music method: use music to achieve  purpose.

Sonic wave method: test the patient's compliance band, and then send this band to the patient to achieve the purpose of *.

Exercise therapy: It is a method to design a kind of exercise for patients according to their condition, and the patients engage in this kind of exercise.

Irradiation method: It refers to the method of using various light waves to carry out the therapy on patients.

Heart source method: improve the patient's inner disease resistance, eliminate the patient's fear of disease, and enhance the patient's disease resistance.

The second type: the method of contacting the human body without any pain to achieve the purpose of health care.

Plant information health care method: it is a method to use certain methods to sense plant health information to health care patients, exchange information and treat diseases.

Dietotherapy and health care: Based on the theoretical system of combining medicine with food, we have developed more than 900 kinds of green plant dietotherapy foods, which can be used by patients to achieve the purpose of *, disease prevention, * and purifying the internal environment of the human body.

Water bath method: use various kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, and then use water bath to nourish the whole body, half body or some parts of the body, so as to achieve the goal of *.

Medicine application method: apply various Chinese herbal medicines to some acupoints of people to achieve the goal of health care.

Magnetotherapy: use magnetic needle, magnetic block and magnetic field to achieve the purpose of *.

Electrotherapy: use various electrotherapy methods to achieve the goal of *.

Massage: Massage some acupoints to achieve the purpose of *.

The third type: the method to reach the goal of health care by contacting the human body and having slight reaction.

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy: it is the traditional Chinese medicine therapy that is now implemented by *.

Massage therapy: It is the current massage therapy.

(3) Briefly describe the construction of natural health care method * rehabilitation center (covering an area of more than 1500 mu)

1. Construction content

(1) Detection building: It is equipped with various disease detection equipment to accurately detect and evaluate the health of health care personnel.

(2) Health care personnel field: plant field, gas field, magnetic field, etc. are set to achieve the purpose of health care for some personnel.

(3) Medical building: There are various * departments for different types of people.

(4) Laboratory: It is equipped with various experimental equipment to timely make laboratory data for some diseases that are difficult to recover and diagnose, and also to undertake some domestic subject experiments.

(5) Food therapy center: It is equipped with various food production equipment, with complete products, including biscuits, beverages, pasta, etc., which can be prepared according to the patient's situation and distributed to each health care person.

More than 900 kinds of therapeutic foods we studied have special preparation methods and unique effects. For example, the yam biscuit we studied contains 50~90% yam, which has a good effect on preventing Parkinson's disease in the elderly. But there is no food with high content of yam on the market. Generally, the content of yam is less than 5%, which has no effect. The yam food we made is not only high in content, but also selected by us. It has high content of active ingredients, good taste and good effect in preventing Parkinson's disease.

(6) Amusement area: equipped with lakes, swimming pools, flowers and birds garden facilities for health care personnel.

(7) Sports area: equipped with various sports and fitness facilities for health care personnel.

(8) Others

① Auxiliary organizations: oxygen preparation plant, equipment preparation plant.

② Sports ground: volleyball court, badminton court, table tennis court, gate course, golf course and shuttlecock team, sword dance team, gymnastics team, etc

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