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The vast phenomenon of goodwill has become a torrent

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1、 Guangshan phenomenon of floating wings in the world

Now there is a phenomenon in the world - Guangshan phenomenon. To say that it is wide means that it has a wide range of regions and fields; When we say that it is broad good, we mean that it is a wide range of good deeds, good deeds, good deeds and good intentions in the world; In addition, when it comes to its wide range, not only are there many people involved in this action, but there are also more than 20 people involved in this action. What kind of action is this? Why is it as attractive as a magnet? That is the action and research of "eliminating the three major obstacles to human survival in the 21st century". What kind of disaster was it and why was it so compelling? That is because our group published our research in the public many years ago, which caused the waves of good deeds (the initiator of this event is what ordinary people say: simpleton, madman, fool, melon child, people call him "four acts". Why?). See below

On June 18, 2000, the research results published by the organization (* Green Global Research and Development Organization) - the three major obstacles to human survival in the 21st century are approaching. This is a sobering article. The excerpt is as follows:

The organization * believes that the 21st century is a century of great suffering for mankind, because the three major obstacles to survival that mankind brews for itself in its own way of survival are quietly approaching.

In 2022, the population has reached 8 billion and the food consumption is huge, which is the food crisis disaster that mankind will face; At present, the desertification area of * has reached 36 million square kilometers, accounting for 1/4 of the land area of the whole earth, equivalent to the total land area of Russia, Canada, * and the United States, which is the limit of desertification* The trend of desertification will be more intense. Because of the desertification disaster caused by desertification, human beings cannot survive normally. This is the desertification crisis disaster that human beings are facing* When the limit of sexual pollution and natural tolerance comes, sexual disease outbreaks will occur more frequently. One person will be affected by disease, and one bird will be affected by disease. This phenomenon will affect human health and survival, which is human health crisis disaster.

The three major survival disasters of human beings, namely the three major survival obstacles of human beings, are disasters like "the end of the day", which will gradually approach human beings with the passage of time and become more and more serious. Many people think that we are showing you a terrible picture, which is terrifying and unbelievable. People always think that human beings can solve all problems, and these conclusions we say are just sensational after-dinner talk. However, the facts and signals that followed made us have to believe that the three major disasters we mentioned have occurred in many parts of the earth.

The three major survival disasters that mankind will face in the 21st century are the bottlenecks of human development; The three major obstacles to survival, like shadows, tightly entangle human footsteps; The three major disasters are a "sword of Damocles" hanging over people's heads, which may kill people at any time. So far, no way to eliminate the three major disasters has been found on *, and the first fundamental problem to be solved is the survival problem.

*We tell people that the existence of these crises is to awaken people's "crisis awareness", and do not think that we will grow on this planet; These crises are created by our own human beings, and we will have to suffer from them. The problem of human survival caused by the problem of the earth's ecology will be put in front of mankind severely - this is caused by the unbridled exploitation of nature and excessive greed of mankind. Now we tell people that the existence of these disasters is to call people's "global village concept"; We can't wait for a drink to dig a well. Now we should treat nature well, love the earth, and find a way to solve the crisis; The three major disasters are the common disasters of mankind. Its arrival and approach will make mankind have to unite to jointly safeguard the ecology of the earth. At that time, everyone will realize that they are "villagers of the global village" and need to have "global village awareness".

Such topics as "how long humans live on the earth" and "population limit" have caused a great stir on the Internet since Malthus published his monograph "Population Principles" in 1798; In 1972, the Club of Rome published the monograph "The Limit of Growth", which believed that the limit of growth occurred within 100 years; In 1995, Brown, the director of the American Institute of * Observations, published an article that the * population will reach 9 billion by 2030, which is the population limit. He believes that the 21st century will enter a century of hunger. For hundreds of years, people have been calculating the time when this limit will come.

Nowadays, "desertification crisis disaster", "desertification limit" and other words are frequently used. At the same time, desertification is becoming more and more harmful and has endangered human activities, so people really pay attention to it. Budapest Club (formerly Rome Club) * predicts that after 2010, there will be "the limit of desertification" and the desertification crisis will come; The year 2012 was identified as the "limit of desertification" by the organization.

The term "human health crisis disaster" was put forward by the Organization in 2001. The organization believes that the degree of pollution of nature is limited, which is the "pollution limit" and the "tolerance limit of nature".

It can be seen from the above that people have been calculating the time of the sexual crisis for hundreds of years, but no one has developed a method to solve these crises, which is a new "Goldbach conjecture" type of sexual problem.

Human beings have created * in their own way of life, but they have also created "three major survival crisis disasters" in their own way. Someone once said: "Man is an animal that * creates its own environment, but also * creates its own way to destroy itself." * Countries are developing for their own interests, and rarely take into account the harm to the earth. The United Nations Convention on the Protection of Human Beings, the Protection of the Earth, and the Great Nature is just a matter of words. But when the three major crises and disasters occur or are approaching, people will know that we are villagers of the earth. No individual villager can harm the interests of all villagers. Only then can a real "villagers' convention" be formed.

The publication of this article caused a great uproar. Letters and calls were filled with inquiries, doubts, objections... all kinds of discussions. But more people believe that the people who do this and the people who study to solve the three major disasters of mankind are doing great good deeds.

2、 The Origin of Guangshan Phenomenon

In 1962, there was a food shortage in ** Universities around the country were temporarily suspended due to the food disaster. At that time, Mr. Yan Guangcai studied in Xi'an, and without exception, was suspended from school and returned home. At that time, he vowed to eradicate the food disaster that endangers people's survival, and since then, he has traveled all over the country to seek a good solution to the food disaster.

On May 26, 1966, while listening to a professor's lecture, he met a teacher Yang. It happened that Mr. Yang was also studying to solve the food disaster. In order to learn more about how to solve the food disaster and solve the food disaster as soon as possible, he repeatedly worshipped Mr. Yang as his teacher. Teacher Yang was also moved by his spirit and finally accepted him as an apprentice.

Teacher Yang said: "There are three effective ways to solve the * food disaster *, *: to eliminate * deserts, if all * deserts are eliminated, * grain fields can be increased in a large area; second: to solve the * food disaster, it is not necessary to find a way on the cultivated land, but also to find ways in the forest and grassland to replace food by processing the stems and leaves of green plants, obtaining leaf protein and other nutrients; third: the way to improve food production is not necessarily through There is also a more effective way to solve the problem through hybrid theory, that is, to apply electric, magnetic, acoustic and wave technologies, with good results. " The teacher said, "I am seventy years old, suffering from serious heart disease, and will soon die. I would like to transfer my research theory to you and let you implement it. What do you think?" After listening to it, he immediately knelt down in front of the teacher and said to the teacher * *: "I will live up to the old teacher's expectations, and go all out to fulfill the teacher's heavy trust!".

From then on, the master and apprentice had endless words and endless feelings. However, the good times did not last long. A few days later, the teacher was bedridden. The teacher called him to the bed and solemnly told him a few * important words, Miss Yang sat up with difficulty and said: "This research is a new Goldbach conjectured sexual problem, which is also a *, * great, * hard road; because what you do is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. What is more dangerous is that your research has subverted the conventional theoretical system of relevant departments, and offended various university schools in this field of research. Therefore, the road you pursue is not a road with flowers, but a road with thorns everywhere; to complete it There will be the danger of "Copernicus and Zhang Heng"; There are 81 tribulations of Tang Sanzang who learned from the West, the experience of the Red Army's 25000-mile long march, and the possibility of family breakdown and separation. Do you have the courage and courage to pass? " At that time, he replied without thinking: "I am not afraid of hardship and death, and I will certainly achieve our ideal". The teacher was very happy to hear it.

The teacher told him: "You should keep in mind three points: *. What you have accomplished is the mission of eliminating the survival disaster faced by mankind in the 21st century. You must be a person like Mao * said - a pure person, a person who is divorced from low interest; what you pursue is * for a noble cause, not what ordinary people pursue - to become a professor, to pursue fame and gain, rewards and other low interest things; you should remember that you will never Xu Zhanbian is involved in such matters; Remember, you should always be a pure * person with * as the standard. You should also remember that we are the sons of the people. All we have done is our son to do things for his parents, just to be filial. Second, we should correctly understand the four words' emotion, money, fame and profit '. Always remember the words on the Red Wall of Moscow in the Soviet era - loyal * is ruthless. This is the high realm of loyalty to the people, because the true feelings are only to the people. Third, you should understand what is home. For you, the world is your home. This is determined by our ideal and pursuit "* After that, the teacher held his hand and said, "The green cause we pursue and research for is as heavy as a thousand kilograms and has a far-reaching impact. You should firmly remember and always grasp it".

The above is what Mr. Yang told him before he died. Three days later, Miss Yang died. However, Mr. Yang's three words on his deathbed became his lifelong motto and also his creed. The teacher's three words changed his life and made him truly understand that what people should pursue is not how much you have, but how much you have contributed; The real meaning of human life is to live for the better of people in the world.

Since then, he has spared no effort to find ways to eliminate the food disaster. In order to increase the area of cultivated land, he spent 12 years investigating the 12 deserts of * and seeking ways to eliminate them; In order to find a way to replace grain, he traveled to colleges and universities in Beijing to find ways to use plant stems and leaves; In order to find a way to increase grain production, he explored the theory of electricity, magnetism, sound and wave.

He never cares about his family, and he is busy all day with lifting the food disaster. The family said he was "full" and "really a fool"; People in the same industry envied him and said he was "crazy"* He didn't want to give him an academic title. He said, "I want to be a pure man and the son of the people". In order to complete his research, he abandoned his family and raised funds by himself. People said he was a "melon seed" and a "fool". But he persevered in his research, and there are words to prove it.

*Always engrave in your heart and be loyal to Mount Tai.

He made a vow to join the mountains and seas, and abandoned his family for the journey.

Don't be afraid of all difficulties and dangers.

Strong winds and waves add pride, as long as the warmth of spring stays in the world.
3、 The phenomenon of Guangshan will always float in the world

1. Study the beginning of relieving the three major human disasters

Since July 1, 1966, Mr. Yan has been engaged in the research of "rescuing human food disasters". In order to increase the area of cultivated land, he has spent more than ten years focusing on desert investigation, during which he has more deeply realized the desert disasters and hazards; In addition, during many years of investigation, he found that many people around him have become people with low immune function. Through his repeated investigations, he found that * people with low immune function account for more than 50%. These people are sub-healthy people, and over time, these people are still increasing. These people are susceptible to the spread of disease, and are also the cause of the spread of infectious disease. There are problems in human health, that is, human health disasters. From this, he understood that there was more than one disaster in the world. In addition to food disasters, there were also desertification disasters and human health disasters. Since then, he has embarked on a journey to eliminate the three major disasters of mankind. He issued "research on eliminating the three major human survival disasters in the 21st century".

In 2000, he and his partners reached the conclusion of "desertification crisis disaster" and "human health crisis disaster" and calculated the time of occurrence. At present, they have been working on ways to solve the "three major crisis disasters" and have achieved preliminary results.

2. There are people like * who eat crabs

Their kindness and research finally got the opportunity to implement. In 1998, a food shortage occurred in North Korea. Mr. Yan volunteered to relieve the food shortage in North Korea. He passed the test of the United Nations Program and the Korean Academy of Sciences, and the project was named "the Korean model of food crisis response in the 21st century". In April 1998, he was ordered to go to North Korea and successfully lifted the food shortage in North Korea by applying his unique technology. The Korean government held a * meeting for this purpose, and the relevant departments of the United Nations attended the meeting.

In 2004, he led his team to carry out the key project of desert elimination in the "Ulanbuhe Desert" in Inner Mongolia - the demonstration research and pilot work of greening of tall sand dunes.

The sand dunes above 50 meters are tall sand dunes, which is the difficulty of desert control. If the tall sand dunes in the desert cannot be controlled, the desert cannot be controlled* No one in the world planted a tree alive on a tall sand dune. The tall sand dunes they selected here are also the middle and high sand dunes in the Ulanbuhe Desert, with a height of 82 meters and an area of about one square kilometer. They are extremely harmful and are moving eastward continuously. Four villages have been buried in the past 50 years.

They plan to build a green belt from tall sand dunes to prevent the movement of tall sand dunes. The total length of the green belt is 3.5 kilometers, the width is 200 meters to 300 meters, and the number of trees planted is about 300000. The project started in April 2004, including the construction of 10 * pools of 500-1000m3 (the construction of pools does not need reinforced cement, and a pool can be built in 7 to 10 days); Build a sandy road with a width of 10 meters to directly connect to the high sand dunes; Combine tree planting and grass planting to achieve one-time * greening success (these are their scientific research achievements). On August 15, 2004, the local government (Hangjinhou Banner Government) organized professionals to come to inspect and found that "the expected effect was achieved". Because the tall sand dunes have stopped moving, the survival rate of the trees planted is 90%, and the sunflower, pumpkin and other crops planted grow vigorously.

On September 24, 2004, the Hangjinhou Banner government and the * organization led by Mr. Yan held the * meeting here, with the participation of representatives from the United Nations Environment Development Programme, the United Nations Desert Research Institute, and Germany, Singapore, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and other countries.

The two * conferences in North Korea and Inner Mongolia are to show people the on-site meeting to eliminate the disaster of human survival. They are similar to * crab eaters. They should use their own research results to eliminate the three major obstacles to human survival in the 21st century and lay a healthy road for mankind; It is also building a green building of peace for mankind, so that mankind can live on this planet normally.

3. Questions about acts of kindness

The world was amazed at the two philanthropic * conferences in North Korea and Inner Mongolia. Why? Because these two * meetings were led by a civil personage of *, who is this person? This person is Mr. Yan, who has been studying "clearing the three major difficulties of mankind in the 21st century".

Someone asked Mr. Yan, "You are an old man and should live a leisurely life for the elderly. Why are you so busy every day? Don't you feel tired?" he said: "This is because the three major survival disasters facing mankind in the 21st century are approaching people, and we cannot afford to relax for a moment. In addition, I want to make my life an effective life every moment, so I am running fast every day. I must run the last mile of my life, and submit a qualified answer to the motherland and people." Another person asked: "What have you got through these two * meetings?" He replied: "I am comforted because our research has achieved initial success in rescuing the three major human survival disasters. We have nothing else." Another person asked him: "Some people said that you are the 'four sons' actors, what do you think?"? He smiled and said: "First of all, I would like to thank you for giving us the" honorable "title. However, we have not done enough. We need to work harder and strive to be a qualified" four sons "actor. In the eyes of ordinary people, these two * actions we have carried out are personal, otherwise they are" four sons "acts. But in fact, these two * actions are * sexual acts of kindness, and the participants and units all report to eliminate people The purpose and goodwill of such disasters are unrequited. "

For example, the action to save the food shortage in North Korea is a * - type charity action. According to Mr. Yan's plan, a * - type eco-friendly circular agriculture model is built through planting and breeding, with 50 hectares of planting land and 30 hectares of breeding land.

There are 36 varieties of grain seeds, vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, forage seeds, etc. required for planting, one third of which are purchased in * with self-raised funds, and two thirds of which are donated by charitable units and individuals in *; 14 cattle houses, sheep houses and rabbit houses should be built in the breeding area. The equipment needed in these breeding houses, such as cattle cages, rabbit cages, ventilators, and various equipment needed by the feed factory, are donated by well-intentioned units across the country; The cattle, sheep, rabbits and other animals needed for breeding were donated by kind-hearted people and units from all over the country, Korea, Japan and other places. These actions moved the Korean government. General Kim Jong Il called on the whole country to strongly support this action. The cadres of the Labor Party * took the lead to participate in voluntary labor here. Many units and individuals from all over the country also spontaneously came here to participate in voluntary labor; The Korean People's Army mobilized more than 2000 people to intervene with its own construction equipment; Kim Il Sung University also mobilized graduate students from five majors to serve as Mr. Yan's students and assistants as required by Mr. Yan to ensure the successful implementation of technology; Mr. Yan is even more engrossed, carrying forward the spirit of Iron Man, and fighting for five days and five nights in a row. Through such continuous rotation, the project progress has been improved. With the joint efforts of the relevant kind-hearted people in *, the action to rescue the food shortage in North Korea was finally successfully completed.

The operation began in April 1998 and ended in October 1998. It took six months to complete successfully, and its speed was amazing. In January 1999, the * conference was held here. The United Nations Programme, FAO, UNESCO, WHO, UNEP and * Greenpeace attended the conference. However, most of the participants came with a curious heart - who is it, what method is it, and in half a year, we can complete the * difficult model of solving human food shortage! At the meeting, Mr. Yan made a wonderful speech on "The food disaster of mankind in the 21st century can be solved", which caused a great sensation. After the meeting, the five major organizations of the United Nations and * Greenpeace found Mr. Yan and hoped to hire him as * technical consultant with an annual salary of 1.2 million dollars, but he refused. He said: "This is an act of charity, and all are due contributions."

The charity action to eliminate the desert is also a charity action to turn a tall sand dune into an oasis in that year. According to Mr. Yan's technical requirements, 300000 trees should be planted on the tall sand dune covering an area of one square kilometer to stop the movement of the tall sand dune. There are two difficulties in this action. One is where the 300000 seedlings come from; The second is to plant more than 300000 trees in a short time on the 82-meter-high sand dune, which requires more than 10000 people to complete in seven days.

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Yan visited relevant institutions and scholars in Beijing, such as Forestry University, Agricultural University and Academy of Forestry Sciences, to try to solve these difficulties. A good deed pays off. Mr. Hu Xitao, the former party secretary of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, immediately received Mr. Yan after hearing about the matter. He said: "Our satellite launch site is located in Ejina Banner in the west of Inner Mongolia. It was originally planned to build a railway. It connects from Bayannur in Inner Mongolia to our satellite launch site directly. However, this road needs to pass behind the tall sand dunes in the Ulanbuhe Desert. Because the tall sand dunes can't be cured, the plan has been put on hold. If you can solve this big problem, that's great. When will I start to act* Join. " (Mr. Hu started from the unveiling ceremony of the governance of tall sand dunes, planted trees in spring, and held the autumn * conference. He was a participant and witness from beginning to end. After that, he reported the situation here to the Party * and *. Now, the railway and road have already been connected from the city of Barnur in Inner Mongolia, and directly to the Ejina Banner satellite launch site in the west of Inner Mongolia.)

On April 15, 2004, the governance of tall sand dunes officially began. From Beijing, Mr. Hu led many well-intentioned people to plant trees, such as Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University, Academy of Forestry Sciences and volunteers from the West; The 72-year-old Hu and his wife planted trees in person; The surrounding people who suffered from the disaster of high sand dunes * were active. They donated, donated and donated all kinds of saplings, and soon collected 350000 saplings; All units, schools, the Committee on Aging, the Disabled Persons' Federation and kindergartens in Hangjinhou Banner came to participate in the planting activities. In this way, more than 2000 people plant trees here every day and complete the task for six consecutive days.

4. Guangshan phenomenon has become a trend

Two actions to save human disasters have announced to people that two of the three major human disasters in the 21st century have been shown to mankind; Two * meetings are * acts of kindness and kindness; The two * conferences have been amazing and far-reaching. Since then, scholars with good intentions and ideals from all over the world have believed that this kind of action is "doing things for God" and is a great good deed and good deed in the world today.

These kind-hearted and well-intentioned scientific workers, without seeking any return, take the initiative to devote themselves to the research of this cause; In the eyes of ordinary people, this is also the all-inclusive "Four People's Congress" (the big gathering of fools, lunatics, fools and cuckoos); But Mr. Yan said: "These people are all bodhisattvas with great love and great kindness." Now, * 536 * and more than 2000 scholars have joined in the research of "eliminating the three major obstacles to human survival in the 21st century"; Three "National Green Global Research and Development Institutions" have been established in Singapore, Switzerland and the United States; They believed that the previous two "operations" (the North Korean food relief operation and the Inner Mongolia high sand dune control operation) were only preliminary technical attempts, and they needed to develop more effective methods, using "fast" as an effective method, to completely "remove the three major disasters of the 21st century"; They are all people with a heart of gold. They will tell people who are the loyal servants of human beings, who are the servants of human beings, and who are the guardians of the survival of human beings. Now, the phenomenon of Guangshan has become a torrent and has become a world-famous phenomenon.

The phenomenon of Guangshan is the spirit of Guangshan. The phenomenon of Guangshan is worthy of respect, and the spirit of Guangshan is worthy of learning; Guangshan phenomenon and Guangshan spirit will give new enlightenment and guidance to everyone when they restrict their behavior; Guangshan phenomenon and Guangshan spirit will live forever in the world.

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