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Fifty six years of struggle, as long as the tall sand dunes in the desert are green

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The dunes above 50 meters are tall dunes

Conquer such large dunes in the desert

That's a very big problem

After years of hard work

The tall sand dunes are finally conquered

1、 The high sand dunes in the desert bring serious harm.

1. What are tall dunes

Generally speaking, sand dunes with a height of more than 50 meters in the desert are considered as tall sand dunes. There are many dunes in the desert with a height of more than 30 meters, which are considered to be tall dunes, because no tree can live on the dunes with a height of more than 30 meters.

It is a difficult problem to cure the greening of tall sand dunes, because nobody can do it. But tall sand dunes do great harm. If the tall sand dunes in the desert cannot be cured, the desert cannot be cured. For example, the "Taklimakan" desert distributed in Xinjiang is dominated by huge bare dunes, generally 100-150 meters high, and some 200-300 meters high. The dunes with a height of more than 50 meters account for 80% of the total area of mobile dunes in the desert. Moreover, the shape of sand dunes is extremely complex, not only the moving sand dunes of various common shapes, but also the sand dunes of other rare shapes. Therefore, people believe that there is no rule of law in the Taklimakan Desert.

2. Hazards of tall sand dunes

In July this year, Group * went to Kubuqi Desert, the desert control base, for investigation. During the investigation, someone said: "The Kubuqi Desert has been well controlled as broadcast by the TV station." However, Professor Yan Guangcai insisted on going. When we arrived at the Kubuqi Desert, we found that tall dunes and those low dunes had no control at all, accounting for about 50% of the whole desert. As long as the wind blows, sand and dust will fly everywhere. This is the source of dust storms.

The moving high sand dunes will move with the wind and then bury everything* When the group investigated the Ulanbuh Desert, the local people told them that the 82m sand dune in the desert had moved eastward for 50 years, and four villages had been buried. The buried farmland and grassland were countless.

2、 Control of Tall Sand Dunes

1. Economic Effect of Controlling Tall Sand Dunes

The control of tall sand dunes is the key to desert control and the fundamental guarantee to maintain ecology. From the perspective of economics, the economic benefits of harnessing tall sand dunes in the desert can be seen below.

*The unique feature of the Group is that the water source for desert water is built on the top of tall dunes, which acts as a water tower for urban water use.

Twenty years ago, the water source area built by Group * during the control of Ulanbuh Desert was a kind of underground water source. At first, it was inconvenient to use a pump to get water; Later, the water source area was changed to the ground damming type water supply, because the construction of dams would waste time and labor, which was also undesirable; Now, the water source area is rebuilt on the top of tall sand dunes. Siphon drainage is applied, and water is supplied when the water source is opened, which is convenient and labor saving.

There are two kinds of desert water, human and animal drinking water and plant water in the desert, which are built on the top of tall dunes. The top of the tall sand dune is above the water, greening the tall sand dune, and planting various plants with economic effects is convenient. There are three types of plants planted on the top of tall dunes. Class A plants are planted in the area with dune height less than 100 meters; Type B plants are planted in the area where the dune height is 100-200m; Class C plants are planted in the area where the sand dune height is more than 200. At the same time, it shall be adjusted at any time according to the specific situation of the site to ensure the survival and growth of various plants; There are also three uses of these plants: the fruit of the first kind of plants is used for fruit drinks; The stems and leaves of Class II plants are used as raw materials for processing leaf protein; The stems and leaves of the third kind of plants are used as fodder. In this way, the tall sand dunes become the income garden.

2. Control of Tall Sand Dunes

A group of experts led by Mr. Yan Guang in the expert group put the control of tall sand dunes at the forefront of desert control. After 13 years, they personally made a systematic investigation on * 12 desert sand lands, and gained some experience through the control of 82 meter tall sand dunes in Ulanbuh Desert.

The control steps of tall sand dunes are as follows:

Step 1: Build a 6m wide road directly to the top of tall sand dunes for machinery to go up. The method of road construction is the expert group's rapid road construction method in the desert. Firstly, a 15 ° - 20 ° sand slope is formed by bulldozer, which leads to the top of tall dunes; Then the sprayer shall be used to spray mud on the 6-meter wide channel. After spraying, the rotary tiller shall be used to plow on the road once, so that the mud is evenly mixed in the sand. In this way, operate again; Then use the special roller to roll twice, and the road will be repaired.

The second step is to bulldoze the top of tall dunes.

The third step is to build the pool with the rapid construction method of desert pool and lay siphon drainage pipes. The wind power automatic water supply system and electric power automatic water supply system will be built again to ensure adequate water supply for the high-level pool (the size of the pool on the top of the tall dune is determined by the size of the area on the top of the dune, with a small pool of 30-50000 m3 and a large pool of 100000 m3).

The fourth step is sand dune greening. The greening content includes: planting various plants planned in advance by the expert group according to the requirements on both sides of the channel, around the pool, and the three surrounding areas of high sand dunes.

The fifth step is to build a wind power generation system. Make full use of the strong wind on the tall sand dunes to make them a place for wind power generation.

Note: The tall dune control mentioned in this paper is not only for those tall dunes, but also for those low dunes. In the desert, any bare dune with a height of 2 meters is the goal of governance. Only in this way can the greening rate of desert control reach more than 95%.

3、 After the control of tall sand dunes in the desert, the huge effect will be produced.

1. The harnessing of tall sand dunes will bring an abrupt end to the sandstorms that cause great harm.

The current situation of desert control in * is not ideal. It is said that desert control has been completed. In fact, the tall sand dunes in the desert are not controlled at all. Taking the Kubuqi Desert as an example, in July this year, when the * group visited the Kubuqi Desert, they found several kilometers long tall sand dunes in the southern area along the south bank of the Yellow River, which added a stain to the Yellow River scenic spots. When entering the Kubuqi Desert, there are many tall sand dunes and low sand dunes that have not been controlled, accounting for about 50% of the Kubuqi Desert. These tall sand dunes are the source of sandstorms. The harm of sand and dust in northern areas increases year after year. The main reason is that these tall sand dunes are acting strangely. If the tall sand dunes in the desert can be quickly eliminated, the harm of sand dust storms will suddenly stop.

2. The climate in desert areas will change qualitatively.

The harsh climate of the desert is the key to the climate and ecological features of the north. The control of tall sand dunes is one of the major problems to overcome* The Group has experience in mechanized management of tall sand dunes, which can quickly manage the tall sand dunes in the desert and make the greening rate of the desert reach more than 95%. At the same time, the high sand dunes after treatment can also be turned into income gardens, which is one of the highlights of desert control. If the desert is turned into an oasis, it will change the ecological landscape of the desert area and the north.

Note: For desert mechanization control, please refer to the album Materials: Introduction to Rapid Elimination of Desert Mechanization.

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