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The epoch-making electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technology engineering is the driving force for promoting the development of agriculture and forestry industry

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Fourth edition


Can cause various plants to undergo fission growth

Changes that can cause agriculture to open up and reclaim land

Can take forestry to a new level of development

Can produce excellent green products in agriculture and forestry

International Green Global Research and Development Organization

January 1, 2024

1、 Introduction to Electrical, Magnetic, Acoustic, and Wave Technology Engineering

1. The meaning of electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technology engineering

It refers to the application of electricity (including direct current and alternating current, with voltages ranging from 6 volts to 180000 volts), magnetism (including electromagnetic fields and permanent magnetic fields), sound (ultrasound), and waves (electron waves) to various existing plants and animals. Plants, including their seeds and growing plants, as well as their seedlings and long growing trees, can cause mutations in plants, resulting in growth type fission. Treatment of animals can cause changes in their metabolism and growth.

After applying the above four signals to various plants and animals in nature: these plants and animals will undergo mutations; What are the types and intensities of these four signals applied; We call this data the biological code. Then, through multiple experiments, accurate data was obtained, and this data was password recorded and compiled into a book. In the future, if applied, it will be very convenient, as long as the table is checked, it can be implemented.

2. Classification of electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technology engineering

Technical engineering is divided into forward password data, reverse password data, and medical password data. Positive password data has an impact on animals and plants, which can promote their vigorous growth; Reverse password data has an effect on animals and plants, which can inhibit their growth.

2、 The magical effects of electricity, magnetism, sound, and wave technology

1. Effects on plants

1. The effects on 350000 plant seeds in nature

After processing the seeds planted in nature, the genes of the plants undergo fission, resulting in mutated plants and polarized differentiation, forming high-yield or low yield plants. This is what we call the forward and reverse codes.

There are also some special plant seeds in nature. For example, in southern China, there is a type of watermelon called bergamot, which weighs about 300 grams per melon. When planting this type of plant, the ripe fresh melon is directly buried in the soil, waiting to sprout and breed. We can also apply our technology to directly treat the ripe fresh melons of this plant, and plant them directly to achieve high yields. Moreover, many plant seeds require a long period of dormancy before they can emerge. For example, the seeds of Taxus chinensis and Taxus cuspidata have a dormancy period of up to one and a half years. After applying our technology, they can emerge in just two to three months, and the growth of the plants after emergence is accelerated by more than twice.

2. The effects on plants bred from underground fresh stems in nature

Our common crops include potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, ginger, lotus roots, shepherd's purse, taro, etc; Chinese herbal plants such as saffron, lily, yam, reed root, bone powder tonic, turmeric, etc; Flowers such as daffodils, tulips, water lilies, and magnolias.

These plants are propagated using underground fresh stems. After processing the fresh stems of these plants, we can also obtain mutant plants and produce high-yield plants.

3. The effects on plants in nature that rely on fresh aboveground branches for reproduction.

Some plants in nature are propagated through their branches, such as willows, poplar, etc., which are propagated through fresh stem cuttings; Ganshu, Huangzhucao, and others are bred using fresh stems. After processing the fresh branches and stems of these plants, we will also obtain mutant plants and produce high-yield plants.

4. The effects of electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technologies on various plants that are growing in nature.

① The seedlings of various plants that are growing in nature and the tall trees that have been growing for many years will also undergo mutations after treatment, becoming vigorous growing plants.

② After treatment, various plant seedlings that will be cultivated in nature will also undergo mutations, becoming highly viable and growing vigorously.

2. Effects on animals

1. Positive passwords can stimulate animal metabolism

Breaking the positive password of animals and applying it to them can lead to vigorous metabolism, accelerated growth, reduced diseases, and healthy growth. Applying it to the breeding and disease treatment of various animals will produce new effects.

2. Reverse password can reduce animal metabolism

Breaking the reverse password of animals can cause a reverse effect when applied to them. Applying reverse passwords to eliminate pests can quickly drive away harmful insects and protect agricultural crops from pest crises; Applying anti passwords to harmful mammals can ward off their harm.

For example, in a room where mosquitoes are rampant, if we emit the reverse electromagnetic wave of mosquitoes, they will feel uncomfortable and fly high in the area, which plays a role in preventing mosquitoes; If a reverse electromagnetic wave is emitted to a mouse, the old mouse will become mentally deranged, unable to eat or move, and be hunted and killed; In farmland, if a reverse electromagnetic wave is emitted to pests, it will effectively drive them away, eliminating the harm of pesticide application in farmland and improving the quality of agricultural products.

3、 The first phase of electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technologies

1. The main contents of the first phase of the project. (More than 200 types in a total of 80 families)

The main content of the first phase of the electric, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technology project includes four aspects: firstly, it is for agricultural crops, including agricultural crops (main grain crops, oil crops, melon crops, vegetable crops); Secondly, forest and fruit: over 40 species in 18 families; Thirdly, forestry: including naked plants and angiosperms; Fourthly, there are more than 20 types of Chinese herbal medicines in 18 families.

2. The significant significance of implementing the first phase of the project

There are many plants and animals in nature, and in terms of plants, there are currently about 350000 recorded species of plants discovered, with over 460 families. Cracking their biological codes is carried out through complex experiments. Mr. Yan Guangcai began researching the cracking of these passwords in 1966, and it took him 52 years to find the basic method of cracking them in 2018.

In order to decipher the biological codes of all animals and plants in nature, it is necessary to first select some commonly known and well-known plants as the preferred ones for deciphering. In order to break all plant biological codes, experienced and good methods must be found; In addition, the first batch of plant password cracking is closely related to human survival. For example, the current global food disaster is a major threat to the safe survival of humanity on Earth. If we quickly apply electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technologies to decipher the biological honey codes of the first plants we have listed, it will * alleviate the great disaster of human existence.

4、 Animal and plant password cracking is a groundbreaking project

1. The significance of deciphering animal and plant codes

The deciphering of animal and plant codes is achieved by applying electricity, magnetism, sound, and waves to animals and plants: it can cause the stomata of plants to expand, enhance photosynthesis, and promote vigorous growth, thereby achieving the effect of increasing yield and growth rate; It can stimulate animal metabolism and achieve fast growth, fewer diseases, and healthy and normal growth.

The animal and plant password cracking led by Mr. Yan Guangcai is currently underway, which is a huge project that will require a long time and manpower and resources.

After deciphering the password of animals and plants, it can increase agriculture, forestry, and income; For the development of animal husbandry and the growth of animals; Prevention and control of various pests and harmful animal hazards; It will play a huge role, especially in alleviating the current food crisis and disaster that humanity is facing, and will play a crucial role. Moreover, it is easy to operate, pollution-free, painless in disease prevention and treatment, and has reliable efficacy. So it is a groundbreaking project.

5、 Gratifying preliminary results

At present, we have applied electrical, magnetic, acoustic, and wave technologies to treat the seeds of common crops such as corn, sunflowers, wheat, mung beans, and pumpkins, and have achieved gratifying results. Processed crop seeds produce seedlings that are significantly better than untreated seeds.

Due to the different structures of various plant seeds, their sensitivity to these external stimuli varies. Some seeds only take a few seconds to undergo changes, while others take eight days to see the effect. So, we are conducting further experiments and research to accurately grasp the effects of these stimulus intensities on plants, in order to achieve the expected results.

Note: Some photos taken during the experimental period are attached for reference.

International Green Global Research and Development Organization

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January 1, 2024

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