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Construction of a new desert control system with the goal of eliminating deserts

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Mr. Yan Guangcai, Chief * of Sichuan Sound Environment Group Co., Ltd., experienced the famine disaster in 1962. At that time, he was forced to suspend his study at Xi'an Railway University because of food shortage. The disaster deeply affected him. As a result, he used his spare time to study "how to solve the food shortage problem", and gradually changed from amateur research to professional research. As a native of Shaanxi, he was deeply affected by the spirit of "Nanniwan". He believed that one of the main factors to solve the food disaster was to expand the cultivation of grain fields on a large scale, and to ask for grain fields from the desert.

After more than 50 years of struggle, he carried out research on * 12 large desert sands, and led the * team and colleagues in the desert area to participate in desert control. After repeated experiments, a set of distinctive new desert management system was finally found.

Its main features are as follows:

The purpose of the expert group's governance is to "eliminate the 12 desert sand lands in *", with a total area of 674400 square kilometers (1011.6 million mu), and ask for farmland and food from the desert sand lands;

Second, eliminate the desert sand in * with the speed of mechanization;

Third, establish a professional desert control team;

Fourth, establish a "benefit ecology" high-speed operation new economic desert system;

Fifth, build a paradise with desert characteristics.

1、 With the goal of eliminating deserts, we will overcome the major problems of desert control.

1. Tackle the big problem of desert high sand dune control

The dunes more than 30 meters in the desert are called tall dunes. Tall sand dunes are a major source of sand and dust. They will bury farmland and villages in the process of moving* There is no precedent to cure tall sand dunes in China, and no one has planted a tree on tall sand dunes* The group listed the treatment of tall sand dunes as the primary task. After years of research and practice, it finally overcame this big problem.

In 2004, the * group managed 82 meters of tall sand dunes in the Ulanbuhe Desert in Inner Mongolia, and achieved preliminary success. It has been recognized by many experts at home and abroad, but the * team believes that there are still many problems. After years of research and experiment, we now have more ideal and mature experience and methods for the treatment of tall sand dunes.

There are two main reasons why there is no successful precedent in the treatment of tall sand dunes. First, technical problems; Second, it is generally believed that the treatment of tall sand dunes has no effect. Through years of research and practice, the * group has rich experience in the treatment of tall sand dunes, and has its own originality in solving the problem of effects after the treatment of tall sand dunes.

First, it is very convenient to build a reservoir on the top of tall sand dunes; Second, plant desert herbs on the top of tall sand dunes; The third is to establish desert scenic spots and recreational facilities at the head of tall sand dunes.

2. Solved the water supply problem of desert control

Solving the problem of water supply in desert control is the key task of desert control. The desert area has little precipitation and is extremely short of water* The group has its own originality in solving the problem of desert water source. First, the "air condensation system" it studies can condense the water in the air for application; The second is the desert water storage system. The constructed desert water storage tank can store 33000 m3 of water in small size and 150000 m3 in large size. Steel and cement are not used in the construction. The construction time is very fast. The small pool can be built in 45 days. The large pool can be built in 90 days.

3. Professional desert tree system

Planting trees in the desert is the key to changing the face of the desert. Whether it is to change the ecology of the desert area, or to weaken the desert dust and wind, the forest in the desert area plays a very important role.

However, due to climate factors, the ground in the desert area is completely unfrozen late, and trees can be planted only in the first ten days of April every year. By the end of April, when the leaves have grown, tree planting must be stopped. The annual planting time is only more than 20 days, which greatly affects the greening effect in the sand area.

The pot-type cultivation method studied by the expert group has broken through this difficult problem. Planting trees in the desert area will not be affected by the hot summer season and will greatly prolong the greening time in the desert area; In addition, large trees with a diameter of 8-18 cm can be planted in the sand area, and the survival rate is more than 95%* Group A breaks through the problem of planting trees in the desert area for a short time and only small trees can be planted, which can make the greening in the desert area achieve the expected effect in the current year and better in the next year.

4. Unparalleled desert mechanization control system

(1) Set up a mechanized rapid governance corps

The regiment is composed of 26 mechanized teams; Each unit is equipped with 475 sets of large machinery.

① Mud spray truck: 266 million yuan

700000/vehicle × 380 vehicles=266 million

② Mobile mixing plant: 9 million yuan

1 million/piece × 9=9 million yuan

③ Earthmoving truck: 2 million yuan

200000/vehicle × 10 vehicles=2 million yuan

④ Excavator: 3.2 million yuan

800000/set × 4 sets=3200000 yuan

⑤ Bulldozer: 25 million yuan

500000/set × 50 sets=25 million yuan

⑥ Loader: 1.4 million yuan

700000/set × 2 sets=1.4 million yuan

⑦ Water supply truck: 3 million yuan

300000/vehicle × 10 vehicles=3 million yuan

⑧ Water spray truck: 6 million yuan

600000/vehicle × 10 vehicles=6 million yuan

⑨ Others: generators, water supply equipment, maintenance equipment, wind power and radiant power system 80 million yuan.

The total investment in mechanical system is estimated to be 395.6 million yuan, forming a large desert control team equipped with 12350 mechanical equipment. The area of deserts treated every year is more than 110000 square kilometers.

(2) Staffing of the Legion: 18545

A. Corps headquarters: 85 people

B. Staff arrangement of a desert control team (709 in total)

A. Management personnel: 76

① 2 team leaders; ② 12 sub-team leaders; ③ 4 accountants; ④ 3 technicians; ⑤ Supply 16 people; ⑥ 16 persons in office system ⑦ 3 persons in custody; ⑧ 20 others

B. Staff: 633

① 380 spraying teams; ② 50 people in the mixing station; ③ 12 earth-moving teams; ④ 6 excavation teams; ⑤ 12 water spray teams; ⑥ 50 bulldozers; ⑦ Loader 3 persons; ⑧ 120 others

C. The total number of staff of 26 units: 18460 (including 710 staff of each unit)

(3) The 26 teams put into desert control at the same time, which can eliminate 674400 square kilometers (1011.6 million mu) of desert sand on the soil within 6 years.

The types of sand after treatment are as follows:

① 30% is high standard farmland, 300 million mu;

② 25% is grassland, 250 million mu;

③ 35% is forest land, 350 million mu;

④ 10% is water source, aquaculture and other land, 111.6 million mu.

Note: Please refer to the album materials for details, and the introduction of rapid desert mechanization elimination method.

2、 Guided by the concept of "benefit ecology", build a high-speed economic operation system for desert control.

1. Desert grass industry:

① All kinds of bales produced mainly by alfalfa grass, splendens splendens, sand reed and Leymus chinensis are for self-use and exported to Japan and South Korea.

② The branches and leaves powder, branches and leaves powder blocks produced mainly by salix psammophila, acacia and poplar are for self-use and external supply.

2. Desert agriculture: The main products are wheat and buckwheat, with an annual output of 100 million tons.

3. Desert leaf protein industry:

The main varieties include alfalfa leaf protein, wheat leaf protein, soybean seedling leaf protein, and corn seedling leaf protein. There are two varieties:

① Human leaf protein, mainly exported to Singapore and Japan;

② Leaf protein for feeding, for white use and external transfer; The grass residue produced in the production of leaf protein is an excellent feed for herbivores for their own use and external transfer.

4. Desert aquaculture:

Main varieties:

① 300000 green beef cattle; ② Ecotype green * 1 million pigs; ③ Ecotype green * 1 million broilers; ④ Ecotype green * 300000 ostriches for meat; ⑤ Ecotype green * 200000 meat camels. These products are mainly exported to Singapore, Japan and South Korea

5. Desert medicine industry: Cistanche deserticola, Cynomorium songaricum, Liedang, wolfberry leaves, astragalus, and hay. Products are mainly exported.

6. The largest photovoltaic power industry in China: 300 million mu of farmland in the sand area are all equipped with photovoltaic power industry. It can be erected in a spacing manner in farmland, with 19800 photovoltaic panels per square kilometer, (the area of photovoltaic panels is 2 meters × 2 meters); With 300 million mu of farmland, 3.96 billion photovoltaic panels can be erected.

7. The largest wind power industry in China: wind power is installed on the roads of 300 million mu of farmland in the desert area. One wind power is installed every 50 meters, 360 wind power can be installed per square kilometer, 7.2 million wind power can be installed on 300 million mu of farmland (200000 Km2), and 674400 Km2 of wind power can be installed in the whole desert control area. It is estimated that 20 million wind power can be installed.

8. Other industries: Miaopu, medicinal material processing plant, desert food processing plant, feed plant, desert building material plant, solar drying plant, desert grass industrial bank, manure plant, biological fertilizer plant, etc.

3、 Xanadu with desert characteristics

1. Desert sports ground: ① various runways: 60 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters; ② Various courts: volleyball court, football court, badminton court; ③ Colosseum: bull ring, sheep ring; ④ Sand sliding field; ⑤ Ski resorts and ice rinks open in winter.

2. Tourism: ① five desert parks with different characteristics; ② Water industry system: swimming pool, boat sliding pool, fishing pool, colorful fish pool, swan pool, etc.; ③ Sand carving field; ④ 200 meters tall sand dune scenic spot; ⑤ Desert film and television base;

3. Service industry: kindergartens, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

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