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How do middle-level leaders grow into high-level leaders? The key is to look at these six aspects

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Written by Ma Zikai

You have been a middle-level leader for five years. How can you get further promotion? How to change from a department leader to a senior manager of the company?

In my opinion, if you want to grow into a senior leader, the key is to look at your vision and vision, your decision-making ability, your loyalty to the company, your ability to achieve goals, and your personal development flexibility and plasticity.

01 Senior leaders need a better vision and vision, and need a larger pattern

As a middle-level leader, the work is usually based on the work of the department; Senior leaders need to have the ability to think globally. Senior leaders need to judge trends, have foresight, and have a broader vision.

In judging the trend, senior leaders need to judge the industry trend, the management trend, the position of enterprise development in the industry and the feasible upward direction. If you do not have good foresight, good trend judgment and analysis ability, it is difficult to become a senior leader.

In terms of foresight, senior leaders need to analyze the future possibility of the company's development, and how the company can achieve better development in combination with the company's development strategy. They need to have the ability to take precautions, and need to better collect and recruit talents.

In terms of vision, senior leaders need to have a higher and broader vision. It needs to have a certain ability of integration, face the needs of enterprise development with a higher pattern, and face the promotion space of individual existence. What is the big pattern? That is to think from the perspective of enterprise development; Be able to view problems from the perspective of industry development; Be able to analyze problems from the perspective of optimizing system management.

If you want to rise from middle-level leaders to high-level leaders, you need to hone yourself from the above aspects. Only when the above qualities and abilities are demonstrated can they be noticed by the company's senior management. It is difficult to win the favor of senior management if only departmentalism thinking is based on department work.

02 Senior leaders need better decision-making ability

Middle-level leaders focus on implementation. Although decisions are also being made, most of them are the needs of department work. The decisions needed by senior leaders are related to the overall situation and require higher decision-making power.

As you want to upgrade, you can start to analyze how the company's strategic decisions are made now? What basic work has been done in the process? How are these decisions implemented, promoted, and measured?

When you have excellent decision-making ability, your ability to analyze problems, your ability to judge problems, your ability to predict matters, your perspective on problems, and your ability to grasp and control situations will all rise by N steps.

How much do you think your decision is different from that of the current senior management in the company? List them out, find out their own gaps in decision-making, and gradually improve their decision-making ability. If you are not good at making decisions, if you are indecisive, if you keep repeating in your decision-making, if you can't make relative * decisions, then you should make a good analysis and how to make changes?

03 The years are changing, but loyalty remains unchanged

As a senior leader, every move may affect the company's operation and development, and the company's brand and image. Therefore, even if no one says that the loyalty of senior leaders to the company, the boss and their own work is also indispensable.

Are you loyal to the company? Are you loyal to your boss? Do you take the operation of the company as your career? If the company gives it to you, how do you plan to use what kind of person? When you think through these problems, your loyalty can be clearly displayed.

Loyalty to the company, good moral character, good sense of morality and high sense of responsibility are the prerequisites for becoming a senior leader. You will find that the senior managers around the boss are almost the same in terms of loyalty. Their abilities are either excellent or not, but their loyalty is impeccable. So, if you can show good loyalty and a high sense of responsibility for the company's work in your work, congratulations, you will be regarded by the boss as the core staff sooner or later.

04 Goal achievement, * a good embodiment of your ability and core competitiveness

We will find that most companies judge the ability of middle-level personnel based on their ability to achieve goals. Your ability and level, and your core competitiveness, are reflected in the ability to achieve goals and the ability to achieve goals in excess. Many people are promoted from ordinary employees to middle level by business ability; From the middle to the top, business ability is also an essential aspect. Although as an ordinary employee, as a middle-level leader, and as a high-level leader, the content and scope of business capabilities are completely different.

As long as you have the ability to achieve seemingly difficult goals, as long as you are good at promoting department personnel to achieve better performance, and as long as you are good at overcoming difficulties to achieve better goals, you may become one of the candidates for selecting senior leaders. If you can't achieve your goals in the middle level, how can the company's senior management believe that you have the ability to achieve senior leadership? Don't Dong Mingzhu and Yang Yuanqing all get high praise from the top because they have done very well in their own business?

05 Development flexibility and plasticity determine your growth height

A person who can grow into a senior level of the company must be a person who constantly hones himself, who constantly improves himself, who has the ability of deep thinking, who is good at learning and changing, and who is full of flexibility and plasticity. He has a lively mind and never closes himself; He pays attention to improvement and keeps moving forward in denial. With his keen thinking, he can always see the key to the problem; His ability in resource integration and coordination and communication is always refreshing; He is good at persistence and compromise. He can always find a better way forward and is willing to make hard efforts and explore for this. Think about it, will you limit your own development? Will it restrict my thinking? Will you be slow to make progress? Are you stubborn? How plastic are you? What is your adaptability like?

06 Team evaluation, own style and others

Of course, there is another problem that cannot be ignored, that is, how do others evaluate you? How do your team members evaluate you? What kind of label is it for you? How does your boss evaluate you? How do your customers and your friends evaluate you? The combination of various evaluations is your label and your style. Even if you think in your heart that what they say is not like me, it is the "real" you. Therefore, if you want to grow into a senior person, you must pay attention to leaving a good impression on others. For example, "steady, calm, reliable, sharp, intelligent, professional, and strong sense of responsibility" should become your label and your portrait in the eyes of others. Because if you want to grow into a senior manager, you need your own style, your own aura, you need to be outstanding in the crowd, and you need to have your distinctive personal characteristics. Similarly, you need to be respected by others, trusted by others, liked by others (not everyone likes you, of course), and highly recognized by most people.


As long as you have an extraordinary vision, have the ability to think and judge the overall situation, have a good ability to achieve goals, have outstanding decision-making ability, and are very loyal, and get a good evaluation from the team and senior management, then you will be promoted to a senior leader, sooner or later!

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