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There is a good way to relieve the competition between people and animals for food

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1、 The nutrition of green plant stems and leaves is the foundation for relieving the competition between people and livestock for food.

The effective way to solve the problem is to make full use of the nutrients in the stems and leaves of green plants to replace the food for feed.

The stems and leaves of green plants come from three major plant series: ① the tender branches and leaves of various forest trees; ② The stems and leaves of various grasses; ③ The stems and leaves of various crops and the straw and waste leaves of crops.

In order to find a way to solve the food crisis of human beings from the basic point of view, for many years, we have tried to study how to process these green resources in nature into nutrients that can be used by human beings. This is the production of the theoretical system of plant stem and leaf nutrition utilization. Specifically, we have processed these three green resources in nature into leaf protein for human and animal applications and green feed for animal applications.

At present, China's total grain output is about 600 million tons, of which 250 million tons are used as feed for various livestock, 250 million tons are used as human food, and the other 100 million tons are used as other food. This is the direction of China's grain use. With the tightening of food supply, people should first solve the contradiction between people and animals competing for food. At present, as long as the theory of green plant stem and leaf nutrition is applied, this problem can be easily solved.

2、 The theoretical system of lifting the competition between people and animals for food

1. Chlorophyll in the stems and leaves of green plants is a magic weapon to relieve the competition between people and animals for food.

The stems and leaves of various green plants contain an ingredient called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the main component of plant stems and leaves. People all know that the main function of chlorophyll is photosynthesis and nutrition, but chlorophyll plays an important role in human and animal growth. The constituent elements of chlorophyll are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and magnesium; The constituent elements of heme are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and iron. It can be seen that there is only one element difference between chlorophyll and heme in the element composition. As long as the magnesium in chlorophyll is replaced by iron, chlorophyll can become heme. According to the results of many experiments conducted in humans and animals, the red blood cells in the blood increased significantly after people and animals used foods rich in chlorophyll. The role of red blood cells in the blood is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells of animals. The number of red blood cells increases, and the function of delivering oxygen and oxygen materials is strengthened. That will make the metabolism of people and animals vigorous, accelerate growth, and increase the function of eliminating toxic substances. In addition, super chlorophyll has special effects. For example, chlorophyll extracted from wheat seedlings (wheat green) can promote the regeneration of human cells, balance the endocrine, regulate the malignant constitution, and resist aging. For animals, the use of feed containing chlorophyll is not only a problem of healthy growth, but also its meat is rich in nutrition, high in freshness and good in taste.

2. The leaf protein in the stems and leaves of green plants is a sharp tool to relieve the competition between people and animals for food.

(1) Research triggered by the food crisis in the 20th century

Mr. Brown, an American agricultural scientist and director of the World Observation Institute, announced his research results to the world in 1995 after years of research and investigation. He believed that "in the 21st century, the world will enter a century of hunger..." A stone stirred up thousands of waves. People are joyfully entering the 21st century, just as people are beautifying the blueprint of the 21st century. Mr. Brown's alarm bell immediately upset people's good plan for the 21st century. People woke up in a daze that there was still hunger in human beings. And hunger, like earthquakes and floods, is so ruthless and irresistible that it has quietly come to people. It will become a major disaster for mankind in the 21st century and a decisive factor affecting the development of mankind in the 21st century. Only after the problem of food has been solved can mankind say anything else. So in the dawn of the new century, hunger has increasingly become a heavy topic of our concern.

What do people eat in the 21st century? Become the focus of the world. Mr. Yan Guangcai and his assistant have made breakthroughs in the research of plant nutrition and the application of leaf protein after more than 30 years of efforts. Leaf protein is the nutrition in the plant leaf stem. It is the predecessor of animal protein and plant seed protein. It is the primary protein and the first protein; Seed protein is the second protein; Animal protein is the third protein. Leaf protein is a cholesterol-free protein. It is a highly active protein, so it has a wide range of effects on human and animal growth and development.

(2) Plant leaf protein nutrition will become the main goal of human beings in the 21st century

The food crisis in the 21st century is irreversible. Leaf protein is the protein in plant leaves and stems. The resources of plant leafstalks are very vast, including forest, grassland and agriculture, which are 8-10 times of the nutrient source of seeds. They are widely distributed in nature. They are rich in resources and are the treasure house of human nutrition.

Human beings have studied leaf protein for more than 70 years. It originated in Britain. At that time, at the end of the Second World War, in order to prevent hunger, the British began to study leaf protein, which has not been widely used. There are two main reasons. First, the contradiction between the number of people and the shortage of food is not so serious that it cannot attract people's attention; Second, the application of leaf protein in the UK is local and has not developed into systematic application. After more than 30 years of exploration, the application of leaf protein is comprehensive and systematic, not only in animal feed, but also in food and medicine for human consumption. It is very important for human health.

Our application of leaf protein is different from that of foreigners. There are few varieties of leaf protein produced by foreigners, which can only be used in feed. They believe that tobacco is rich in protein, so the main raw material for processing leaf protein in many foreign manufacturers is tobacco. However, this leaf protein has a peculiar smell, can only be used as feed, and the cost is high, so it is difficult to apply in practice. We apply leaf protein not only according to the viewpoint of nutrition, but also according to the theory of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, so that all kinds of green resources can be utilized to produce a variety of leaf protein. For example, we think that 8 kinds of leaf proteins extracted from wheat leaves, ryegrass and alfalfa are good leaf proteins. The leaf proteins of soybean seedlings and yellow bamboo grass are secondary leaf proteins. These leaf proteins can be used in the feed of calves, lambs, piglets, chickens and fish, as well as in the food of human beings. They can also cooperate with each other and be widely used in medical treatment.

The development of leaf protein has expanded the application scope of various green plants, and will only be used in the forage of herbivorous animals, and will be widely used in the feed of various animals.

3. Leaf green powder, which is processed from green plant stems and leaves, is an effective material to relieve the competition between people and livestock for food.

The fresh stems and leaves of various green plants are processed, dried and crushed into powder, which is called leaf green powder. Leaf green powder is rich in chlorophyll and various nutrients, higher than ordinary grass powder. Variety categories include: green powder of tree twigs, various forage leaves, various vegetable waste leaves and fruit waste leaves.

Leaf green powder is a very important component in herbivorous animal feed. For example, we use the three major crops orange stalks (corn orange, wheat straw orange, and rice straw orange) as feed for cattle and sheep. These orange stalks account for about 50% of the feed ratio. Due to the lack of chlorophyll in these straws, we must add about 25% of leaf green powder to ensure the nutrient balance in the feed.

4. The application of green plant feed is a new way to solve the contradiction between human and livestock.

Green plant feed is the "theory of plant stem and leaf nutrition" established by experts of green ring organization after more than 30 years of hard work and research. Based on this basic theory, more than 530 kinds of green plant feed have been developed.

Green plant feed, referred to as green feed, is a new type of feed completely different from ordinary feed, which is significantly different from the feed used at home and abroad today:

① The principle of feed formulation is different

When green plant feed is formulated, it is based on the current nutritional point of view, and also applies the theoretical basis of the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, so its formulation principle is different from any feed today.

② There are different concepts about the word "green"

First, it is a feed composed of green plant stems and leaves, so the green word is green plant "green".

Second, green plant feed is made up of natural nutritional raw materials without any chemical additives, so the word "green" can be interpreted as safe and pollution-free feed.

Third, the production process of green plants and the selection of raw materials all meet the green feed standards, so the word "green" is interpreted as green product feed.

③ The raw materials of green plant feed are different

The green powder and leaf protein produced by the processing of natural leaves, forage, and various crop straws and waste leaves, the first category of products into human food; The second category of products becomes feed for various livestock, poultry and aquatic products. This kind of feed is called green plant feed, or green feed for short.

More than 100 plant leafstalks screened from more than 1000 plants are processed into leaf protein, which is the raw material of various green plant feeds. These leaf proteins can be divided into three types according to their functions: one is nutrient type. This kind of raw material contains high crude protein, including high content of various amino acids and rich in vitamins. This raw material is used to balance the nutrition of amino acids and vitamins in the ingredients. The second type has the effect of disease prevention and disease resistance. After adding this raw material, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases in the process of animal growth. The third category is the raw material that can promote the growth and development of animals. After adding this raw material, it is beneficial for animals to grow fast, have good meat quality and lay more eggs.

After the application of green plant feed, the nutritional composition of livestock products has undergone qualitative changes, with bright color, high nutritional content and good taste.

Green plant feed: It is a new type of food saving feed. In the feed of herbivores, there is no proportion of grain. In the feed of omnivores, the proportion of grain is only 20%. This is because the application of leaf protein and chlorophyll plays a decisive role. Therefore, green plant feed is a new way to solve the contradiction between people and livestock.

3、 There is no delay in lifting the competition between people and animals for food

1. It is urgent to eliminate the food shortage in China

The occurrence of the food crisis disaster is global. We believe that the main reasons are the following phenomena: desertification expansion rate, increased loss rate of green space, and large areas of farmland and land being swallowed; Due to the continuous occurrence of environmental pollution, natural disasters occur frequently and the effective utilization rate of cultivated land is reduced; Excessive application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the existing cultivated land has led to the disease in the cultivated land and the reduction of unit yield; Poor environment and people's over-fishing of aquatic products, and the aquatic products provided by rivers, lakes and oceans to people continue to decline sharply; More seriously, the World Meteorological Organization predicted that from 2022, the global disasters of water, drought, frost, wind and hail will be more frequent and more violent, which will lead to the large-scale reduction of grain production. The above adverse phenomena have caused a global food disaster. However, the global population is increasing. With the passage of time, the contrast is increasing, resulting in food supply not in demand.

China is a country with a large population. At present, China is short of food, and some food needs to be imported to feed such a large population country, which is obviously unrealistic. Because, with the passage of time, the world's food stock is tightening, and it is difficult to import food. So for us, the food problem is the lifeline of our survival. Therefore, it is urgent to eliminate the food shortage.

2. The application of the green feed system will provide a reliable guarantee for resolving the contradiction between human and livestock for food.

(1) The excellent effect of green plant feed was applied.

① Green plant feed mainly uses chlorophyll in plant stems and leaves.

In this feed, the application of chlorophyll can make the animal metabolism vigorous, grow fast, and have fewer diseases. It can also make the animal quickly eliminate all kinds of toxins in the body, improve the nutritional level of meat, and make the meat fresh and tender, and taste good.

② Green plant feed uses leaf protein from plant stems and leaves. Leaf protein is the primary protein and also the first protein (seed protein and animal protein are the second and third proteins). Leaf protein has strong activity and contains various amino acids that are relatively safe. Especially, methionine, lysine and tryptophan, which are necessary for animal growth, are several times higher in leaf protein than seed protein and animal protein. Therefore, after animals use this feed, it meets the needs of animal nutrition and is conducive to production and development.

③ The vitamin content in plant stems and leaves is full and high. For example, vitamin C, E, A and D are needed for animal growth. The content in plant stems and leaves is several times higher than that in plant seeds. Green plant feed is composed of plant stems and leaves, so the green feed contains high and complete vitamins, which can promote the growth and development of animals.

④ For green feed, the principle of the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine is mainly used to form prescriptions. It not only runs through the nutrition theory, but also focuses on adjusting the overall development of animals to match the formulation according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, so it is appropriate. After the application of animals, the production and development are normal, and the disease is less.

⑤ All kinds of plant stem and leaf raw materials used in green feed are processed according to a certain process, which largely keeps the aromatic substances in plants, so the green feed made of this raw material is fragrant and delicious.

⑥ The green feed is based on the principle of natural nutrition. After being used in animals, it can digest well, absorb well, have fewer diseases, and have good meat quality.

⑦ The green feed processing method is exquisite, and has certain granularity requirements for each raw material processing, which is suitable for animal application. Therefore, when animals are used, the chewing time is short, the digestion time is fast, the digestion time is short, the feeding times are many, the daily consumption is large, and the weight gain is fast.

⑧ The animal breeding house has reasonable structure, good light, sunstroke prevention, good ventilation, good sanitation, and is not easy to infect diseases, and a comfortable growth environment suitable for animal growth and development.

The green feed does not add any chemical additives, and implements the green feed method. Taking cattle as an example, various applications in the feeding process can adapt to the growth and development conditions of cattle in a timely manner, so the cattle are basically disease-free and can achieve the expected effect on time; The quality of beef cattle raised with green feed can easily reach and exceed the standard of *, and the feeding cost is low; The meat quality level of beef cattle raised with green feed is very high. Generally, the shearing value of meat tenderness is below 2.6, the area of naked eye is more than 90, and the total weight of high-grade parts of fourth-grade beef cattle is more than 26 kg.

(2) In the process of feeding, multiple, staged feeding methods are applied

At present, only one or two animal husbandry products are used in the breeding process, while the green high-grade animal husbandry products are used in various stages in the production process, which is roughly divided into three stages.

The first stage is the adaptation period, which allows the animals to adapt to the feeding method of green ring tissue, using 2-3.

The second stage is the weight gain period. After the animals adapt to the enclosure and environment designed by the green ring organization, they gain weight quickly and apply 2-3.

The third stage is the adjustment period, which is mainly to detoxify, adjust the meat quality and flavor, and produce qualified products according to user requirements, and apply 2-3.

After the application of the segmented feeding method, excellent products with good flavor and taste can be produced.

(3) Apply green management method

In order to meet the product standards and facilitate the management, based on the needs of animal growth, the construction of pens for various animals organized by Green Ring is also different from those of today's pens, for example, raising beef cattle is a single-row feeding method; The pig breeding is designed as a pig building with six floors and grazing feeding; The chicken is raised by grazing and so on.

The animal enclosure designed by applying the green ring organization can meet the needs of animal production and facilitate the implementation of the green management law. The enclosure is clean and sanitary, with few mosquitoes and flies. There will be no giant infectious diseases such as mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease, and it can produce products that meet the safety standards.

(4) The green plant feed and the green feeding management method can be widely and practically applied to the breeding of various animals, and will provide a reliable guarantee for the elimination of human and animal food competition.

Green plant feed, green management method, can be widely used in the production of various livestock products. Such as beef cattle, cows, yaks, meat donkeys, meat horses, meat sheep, meat rabbits, meat deer and other herbivores; Pigs, chickens, laying hens, pigeons and other omnivorous animals.

According to our calculation, the application of green plant stem and leaf nutrition, green plant feed and green management method can make reasonable use of one billion tons of crop orange stems in China; It can turn all kinds of harmful weeds in China into benefits; It will effectively resolve the contradiction between people and animals competing for food, save more than 200 million tons of surplus food for the country, and provide an effective way to eliminate the food shortage.

Note: See "Effective Measures to Eliminate China's Food Shortage" for details.

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