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Biooil is extracted and its residue is made into Biochar

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Introduction to Process Equipment and Project Investment Estimation

1、 Overview

The complete set of continuous anaerobic pyrolysis technology owned by Sichuan Jianquan Environmental Group Co., Ltd. is a patent chain consisting of nearly 30 national invention patents and utility model patents. Among them, the "continuous oxygen free pyrolysis tubular furnace" is the first in China and the world. It is a historic innovation of Pyrolysis process equipment, which reliably solves the long-standing technical bottleneck of the pyrolysis process, and realizes the continuous industrial clean production of Pyrolysis process. In addition to being used for the ultimate treatment of waste plastics and rubber to generate fuel, gas, and high calorific value carbon without any harmful emissions, the equipment can also be slightly improved according to the same principle and different requirements, and can be used for the drying of wet materials; It can also be used for industrial continuous treatment to remove oil from oily sludge (residual oil rate after treatment is less than 3 ); And it can effectively treat some hazardous waste (such as tar residue) and medical organic waste in a safe, environmentally friendly, and low-cost manner, as well as solid waste such as household waste and kitchen waste; It can also be used to extract bio oil and further pyrolysis the residue after extracting bio oil on the same equipment to generate fuel, gas, and high calorific value carbon, achieving the resource utilization and efficient utilization of these residues. The process and equipment for extracting bio oil and making Biochar from its residue are briefly introduced and the project investment is estimated as follows.

2、 Process Flow Diagram

1、 Main advantages of process and equipment

1. Continuous and uninterrupted production, achieving remote control of production automation without the need for direct human operation.

2. Except for the organized emission of a small amount of combustion waste gas from the supporting hot air stove (which is the only exhaust outlet of the entire equipment), there is no discharge of wastewater, waste gas, or solid waste. Recycling of hot gas outside the furnace; The gas inside the furnace condenses into liquid (water and oil) and non condensable gas (gas). Realizing a truly environmentally friendly environment.

3. Single unit (set) has high production capacity, and the required production capacity can also be met by adding additional units (sets) to meet the needs of a single factory.

4. Low energy consumption, low cost, and good efficiency.

5. The utilization rate after treatment reaches over 95%, and the yield after treatment (extract or renewable resources) is high. The treatment process has basically no material loss except for water, and there is no carbon emissions. If the extraction rate of camphor oil reaches 95%, the extract is expected to exceed 2.8% (traditional distillation method extract is only 1.6%); It can also produce 1 ton of high-grade charcoal from the residue after extracting about 3-4 tons of raw materials, solving the problem of disposing of existing distillation residue.

6. The equipment is made of special materials, which are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and corrosion-resistant, with a long service life and minimal equipment maintenance.

7. There is no high temperature or high pressure in the process, and the operating temperature is in the medium temperature range (500 ) and micro pressure (0.03mpa). Except for the inlet and outlet that come into contact with air, the rest are fully enclosed under nitrogen protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

8. Large output, high yield, low cost, good efficiency, and short equipment recovery period. The investment payback period for camphor extract and charcoal production shall not exceed 1 year.

4Example of preliminary design for the project

1Project Overview

Project name: Biooil extraction and production of high calorific value carbon from its residue.

Scope of application: Various woody and herbaceous plants or their waste. For example, the extraction of various types of wood oil, pepper oil, rice husk oil, coconut husk oil, and various types of straw oil.

Project construction scale: 100 cubic meters of raw materials per day (approximately 80t~90t/d.)

Project area: 8-10 acres

Project electricity consumption: 250KVA

Project water consumption: 10t/d

Project gas consumption: 0

Fixed total investment: 20.581 million yuan


Construction period: 6-8 months

2Sub item of fixed total investment:

A. Infrastructure 5.461 million yuan

1. Land use fee (not yet calculated);

2. The workshop (steel structure) has a building area of 2880 square meters:

a. Raw material inventory and crushing of 1200 square meters, totaling 1.2 million yuan;

b. Main workshop (floor height 9m) 12m × 40m=480 square meters, totaling 576000 yuan;

c. 1200 square meters of carbon production and storage, totaling 1.2 million yuan;

3. 900 square meters of office and living space (civil structure), totaling 1.485 million yuan;

4. The total cost of greening, roads, fences, and pipeline networks in the factory area is 1 million yuan.

Note: Infrastructure projects are generally constructed by the project party themselves, and can also be contracted by the technical party.

B. 15.12 million yuan for mechanical equipment

1. 800000 yuan for power transmission and transformation (including cable and wire lighting);


2. One set of tubular pyrolysis furnace assembly with a total cost of 12.5 million yuan;

3. The total length of 6 conveyors is 150 meters, totaling 390000 yuan;

4. One crusher with a total cost of 220000 yuan;

5. One set of carbon making equipment with a total cost of 300000 yuan;

6. Installation materials totaling 150000 yuan;

7. The installation fee is 280000 yuan;

8. The transportation cost is 30000 yuan;

9. One loader and one forklift, totaling 160000 yuan each;

10. One small truck costs 100000 yuan;

11. Office and laboratory equipment totaling 90000 yuan;

12. One weighing scale (80 tons) costs 100000 yuan.

Note: The above mechanical equipment, except for the "continuous oxygen free pyrolysis tube furnace" that needs to be supplied by the technical party, can be purchased and installed by the project party on their own. The furnace is currently divided into three models: large, medium, and small, with a production capacity difference of about 20% and a supply unit price difference of about 15%.


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June 2023

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