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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Accelerate Sichuan's economic and social development * green transformation

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On October 25, the theoretical learning center group of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee held a special learning (expansion) meeting to focus on the ecological civilization idea and the important discussion on carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, and discuss the establishment and improvement of Sichuan's green low-carbon circular development economic system. Peng Qinghua, secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Peng Qinghua stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the ecological civilization thought and the important statement of the General Secretary on carbon peak and carbon neutralization, earnestly implement the deployment requirements of the Party * and * on carbon peak and carbon neutralization, fully and accurately * implement the new development concept, further unify the thinking and understanding, clarify the development ideas, firmly follow the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon, and accelerate the economic and social development of Sichuan * green transformation, Strive to make positive contributions to * achieving the goal of "double carbon".

Peng Qinghua pointed out that the major decisions made by the Party * based on the overall strategy and long-term development must be implemented with a high degree of political consciousness and a strong mission. The General Secretary attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization and green and low-carbon development in Sichuan, made a series of important instructions and put forward clear requirements, entrusted Sichuan with the major mission of maintaining * ecology * and promoting green and low-carbon development, and provided us with direction guidance and fundamental compliance. As a large province of clean energy, Sichuan has the realistic foundation and space potential to vigorously promote green and low-carbon development. The whole province should thoroughly study and implement the important directive spirit of the General Secretary, implement the deployment requirements of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Communist Party of China (CPC), adhere to bringing the "double carbon" work into the overall economic and social development, accelerate the formation of an industrial structure, production mode, lifestyle and spatial pattern that saves resources and protects the environment, and reflect Sichuan's responsibility and contribution to the process of carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

Peng Qinghua pointed out that the adjustment of industrial structure is the key to achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and the "subtraction" of pollution and carbon reduction in key industries and the "addition" of the development of green and low-carbon competitive industries must be well coordinated. We should adhere to the problem orientation, carry out in-depth actions to reduce pollution and carbon in key industries, promote green manufacturing in the industrial sector, improve energy conservation standards in the construction sector, accelerate the formation of green and low-carbon transport modes in the transportation sector, strictly control the blind start of "two high" projects, eliminate and exit inefficient and backward production capacity, and promote the gradual reduction of energy consumption in traditional high energy consumption and high emission industries. We should seize the strategic opportunity of "double carbon" and give full play to our outstanding advantages, focus on cultivating a number of strategic supporting industries that conform to the development direction of "green low-carbon" and lay a foundation for Sichuan's future industrial position, promote the integrated development of water and scenery, and complement multiple energies, build a 100 billion cubic meter capacity base for * natural gas (shale gas), look ahead to the layout of hydrogen, geothermal and other new renewable energies, and accelerate the development of lithium electricity and crystalline silicon photovoltaic industries, Promote the integrated development of clean energy equipment manufacturing and service, promote the development of power battery, new energy vehicles and other industries, build a core growth pole of the national big data industry based on the solid foundation of Sichuan's electronic information industry, build a vanadium titanium industrial base by taking advantage of vanadium titanium and other resources, promote the upgrading of clean energy production, support and application, and accelerate the formation of a centralized layout, cluster into a chain Intensive green low-carbon advantageous industry development pattern. To achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization, scientific and technological innovation is an important driving force and strong support. We must constantly strengthen major scientific and technological breakthroughs and technology promotion in green and low-carbon areas. We should firmly hold the "bull's nose" of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the construction of a carbon neutral technology innovation center, focus on low-carbon, zero carbon and negative carbon areas to carry out key core technology research, strengthen green low-carbon technology evaluation, trading and scientific and technological innovation services, support the transformation of innovative achievements, create more application scenarios for new technologies and products, and constantly enhance the driving force and competitiveness of green transformation and development, Enable high-quality development of green low-carbon industries with science and technology.

Peng Qinghua emphasized that achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization is a big test for the modernization of governance system and governance capacity, and it is necessary to coordinate the two hands of a promising government and an effective market. All departments throughout the province should always keep in mind the national and provincial plans, take the initiative to stamp on the stone and grasp the iron, scientifically formulate schedules, road maps, construction drawings, and compact the responsibility layer by layer, and move forward step by step. It is necessary to respect the law, seek truth from facts, stand first and break down later, make overall plans to grasp the time nodes and work rhythm of carbon peak, carbon neutralization, and resolutely avoid unrealistic "sports carbon reduction". It is necessary to establish and improve green low-carbon policies and market systems, improve enterprise carbon emissions and carbon asset management capabilities, and innovate the path to achieve low-carbon value. We should vigorously promote green civilization, enhance the people's awareness of conservation, environmental protection and ecology, advocate a simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, and create a new fashion for green and low-carbon life.

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