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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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The first phase of new employee orientation training in 2023 for Sichuan Jianquan Environment was successfully completed

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The first phase of induction training for new employees in 2023 for Sichuan Sound Environment lasted for 3 days and ended successfully. There are 6 trainees in this training. Through the explanation of the trainer, the trainees have a deep and systematic understanding of the company's development history, organizational structure, corporate mission, corporate vision and core values, learned corporate rules and regulations, work processes and basic etiquette knowledge, and to some extent understood the business sector and future development direction of the company.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Yuan Denghui, the technical director, told the entrepreneurial history and deeds of the main leaders of the company, focusing on the three business segments of the company's multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer, sludge treatment and desert treatment. Each sector of the company has a strong professional team and technical support, and has great prospects for future development. As a shareholder and leader of the company, Mr. Yuan placed high hopes on the new employees and put forward his own requirements, hoping that the new employees could quickly integrate into the company, grow and progress rapidly.

In addition, the company specially invited two teachers, Wang Yaoxi and Zhou Luhui, who have many years of experience in multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer plate test and promotion, to the new employee training site. At that time, Mr. Wang Yaoxi told about the past history of Guanghan organic fertilizer factory construction and production process that he personally participated in, how Zhongba Township of Xichang opened the sales situation, and the anecdotes of the organic fertilizer PK with Shandong University, as well as the physical illness caused by many visits to the Norgay Grassland to guide the experiment. Every employee present felt great admiration for Mr. Wang's selfless and professional spirit. Through personal experience and a large amount of data comparison and analysis, Mr. Wang Yaoxi has proved the great advantages and good prospects of the multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer that the company has. Teacher Zhou Luhui explained how to build a firm belief in the great advantages of multi-functional bio-organic fertilizer step by step, and how to carry out market promotion, product evaluation and future analysis.

The company has experienced many years of precipitation, and it is the critical moment of thick accumulation and thin development. During the training, every teacher poured his blood into the cause of environmental protection and was willing to fight for it all his life. Everyone is very excited about this spirit.

Liu Xianqing, the general manager of the company, expressed great welcome and deep concern to the new employees at the training meeting, and explained the company's mission, vision and core values in a more simple way. In order to develop rapidly and stably, the company needs to establish systematic and operable rules and regulations and work processes and resolutely implement them. In addition, it also needs a group of backbone forces who love environmental protection, are honest, hardworking, willing to struggle and have the spirit of innovation. What the company needs is excellent employees with both moral integrity and ability. All new employees should keep the company's values in mind, work together to practice them, and work together for environmental protection.

Each new employee expresses his or her own opinions and is willing to be a person with positive energy, loyal to the enterprise and obey the leadership arrangement; Be conscientious and responsible for the work, and focus on the overall situation and details; Be kind and friendly to colleagues, and be an employee who meets the company's future development needs.

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