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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Comprehensive development of organic agriculture industry to build a beautiful and prosperous ecological home

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On July 18, 2023, Dr. Li Zhaoquan from Economics visited Sichuan Sound Environmental Group Co., Ltd. for inspection, exchange, and guidance. Dr. Li Zhaoquan's visit was warmly received by Chairman Liu Xianqing of the Sound Environment, and the two sides had a pleasant two-hour exchange and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Sound Environment is a group company that mainly adopts microbial technology and is engaged in biological Organic fertilizer, desert control, sludge biological treatment, solid waste treatment and disposal and other businesses. It has a series of national invention patent technologies such as "preparation method and application of multi-functional biological Organic fertilizer", and gradually forms its own complete product technology chain by using these high-tech achievements.

Among them, the desert governance technology studied by the chief expert, Professor Yan Guangcai, led a desert inspection team to conduct a 13 year arduous investigation of the eight major deserts and four major sandy areas in China. He comprehensively and thoroughly investigated the relevant conditions of 12 desert sandy areas, obtained first-hand information, summarized 48 difficult problems in desert governance, and studied solutions one by one. The agricultural and animal husbandry technology he studied, which doubled the production of North Korea's agricultural and animal husbandry in just two years, successfully solved the local food disaster problem and received widespread praise from the international community. Dr. Li has repeatedly praised Master Yan.

The microbial formulations, core raw materials, production processes, and other aspects of the multifunctional biological fertilizer technology studied by Mr. Yuan Denghui, the Technical Director, are independently developed and unique in the industry, with a world leading level. In the expert level experiments of dozens of crops and the large-scale use of users, the results are quite remarkable in the Grassland degradation and desertification control experiments in Hongyuan and Ruoergai County.

At the exchange meeting, Dr. Li highly recognized the multiple environmental protection technologies possessed by a sound environment and expressed a strong desire for cooperation. He said that the invention patent technology for a sound environment is excellent, and with the technical system of Professor Yan Guangcai, there are conditions and foundations for building an organic agricultural industrial park in Inner Mongolia. It is recommended that both parties work together to establish an economic and ecological industrial park that integrates organic product development and ecological protection, and promote the coordinated development of the economy and ecology through the demonstration and promotion of the industrial park.

Chairman Liu Xianqing also stated that both sides are committed to the healthy development of the domestic agricultural industry, striving to achieve good social, economic, and ecological environmental benefits, and have a strong foundation for cooperation. At the same time, Chairman Liu stated that improving the environment will always promote the comprehensive green transformation and development of the agricultural economy, and building a beautiful and prosperous ecological home as a corporate social responsibility. He also advocates for the whole society to pay attention to environmental protection and cherish the environment.

Zhou Luhui, Deputy General Manager of Sound Environment, Yuan Denghui, Technical Director, and Wang Weizhong, Manager of Technical Department, attended this exchange meeting.

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