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Suzhou's practice of "green enterprise assistance" is worth learning from

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On January 4, the Environmental News introduced the experience and practice of Suzhou Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Ecological Environment to fully promote "I do practical things for the masses" and help private enterprises to improve both growth and quality, with the theme of "Suzhou helps enterprises with green development" and speed up enterprise transformation and upgrading ".

In my opinion, how to help enterprises develop green and serve high-quality development? This is a difficult problem for the ecological environment protection department. Suzhou has set an example for us and is worth learning from by implementing the "green enterprise support" activity, effectively integrating resources to jointly build green alliance enterprises, promoting the healthy and rapid development of Suzhou's private enterprises, and promoting the high-quality development of Suzhou's economy and the high-level protection of its ecological environment.

Why should we "help enterprises green"? Mao Yuanlong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Suzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, hit the nail on the head. "In the production and operation of private enterprises, due to the lack of traditional technology, talents and technology, there is a certain lack of pollution prevention ability." The implementation of the "green enterprise assistance" activity, by giving play to the ecological environment and the work advantages of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, can help private enterprises to carry out ecological environment standard physical examination and voluntary inspection activities.

The author believes that in the current situation of advocating high-quality development and green development, coupled with the COVID-19 raging, Suzhou Ecological Environment Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau implements the practice of "green assistance to enterprises", which is worth learning from ecological environment protection departments at all levels.

First, Suzhou Ecological Environment Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau printed and distributed the Implementation Plan of "Serving Enterprises for Green Development and Promoting Sustainable Environmental Improvement", issued the "Fourteen Articles of Green Assistance to Enterprises", and defined the list of 14 annual service items, covering hazardous waste disposal of small and micro enterprises, and helping enterprises reduce pollution costs and increase efficiency.

Second, Suzhou's ecological environment law enforcement system carried out on-site guidance and assistance activities with the theme of "serving enterprises' 'self inspection and self correction of environmental protection' management platform application" by means of "customized" assistance, deeply understood the enterprise's demands, resolved the difficulties and pain points that affect the green development of enterprises, carried out project-based assistance, and made efforts to improve the enterprise's environmental pollution prevention and treatment capabilities. Since the platform was launched, more than 1500 enterprises have settled in and used it.

Third, "law enforcement and supervision should be strengthened, and assistance and guidance should be given with temperature". Suzhou Xiangcheng Ecological Environment Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau has helped enterprises improve their waste gas treatment, solid waste and hazardous waste management, environmental risk prevention, pollution prevention facilities and other aspects by consulting standing books and on-site inspection, and actively helped Suzhou Treka Cable Co., Ltd. improve its environmental management level.

Fourth, promote business with party building, strengthen party building with business, and carry out "party building+service" enterprise assistance activities. The Ecological Environment Bureau of Suzhou * Historic and Cultural City Conservation Area (Gusu) has deeply integrated the party building work with business work. During the process of enterprise assistance, through the party building assistance card filled in by the enterprise, it accurately grasps the weaknesses and difficulties of enterprise ecological environment governance, and implements "one enterprise, one policy" to help and guide the enterprise.

Fortunately, in order to implement the relevant deployment of the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for the Implementation of the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development Plan and the 2021 Work Arrangement for Promoting the Integrated Development of the Yangtze River Delta, and solidly promote the work of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cities in pairs to help cities in northern Anhui, * the Development and Reform Commission printed and issued the Implementation Plan of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang cities in pairs to help cities in northern Anhui. Suzhou helps Fuyang City, Anhui Province, and the working period of pair cooperation assistance is from 2021 to 2030. Therefore, the ecological environment department of Fuyang City will follow the example of Suzhou Ecological Environment Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau and earnestly learn the practice of "green enterprise assistance". The author hopes that Suzhou's "green enterprise support" approach can take root and blossom in the country.

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