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How does green consumption fit into daily life?

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It is also the annual "March 15" International Consumer Rights Day, with the theme of "Boosting Consumer Confidence" for the 2023 Consumer Rights Year. Speaking of consumption, the concept of green consumption has gradually taken root in recent years. How can we achieve green consumption in daily life?

What is green consumption? Green consumption, also known as sustainable consumption, refers to consumption behavior characterized by resource conservation and environmental protection. The main performance is advocating thrift, reducing losses and waste, selecting efficient and environmentally friendly products and services, and reducing resource consumption and pollution emissions during the consumption process.

Why green consumption? According to the report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the carbon emissions generated by the consumption of Chinese residents account for about 53% of the total social emissions. Currently, China is playing an increasingly important role in the global carbon emission reduction cause. In addition to eliminating outdated production capacity and developing clean energy, changing public consumption behavior and forming a green and low-carbon lifestyle for the entire society will also be a key link.

In 2022, seven departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption, proposing specific measures in eight key areas, including accelerating the greening of food consumption, encouraging the promotion of green clothing consumption, and actively promoting green residential consumption. They advocated a simple, comfortable, green, low-carbon, civilized, and healthy lifestyle and consumption model, making green consumption a new fashion.

How to achieve green consumption? When shopping, reduce or eliminate the use of non degradable plastic bags, choose reusable cloth bags, etc. Reject over packaged goods, efficiently recycle and recycle express packaging.

In daily life, it is important to conserve the use of resources such as water, electricity, and gas. For example, water can be reused without turning on the lights during the day, which can effectively reduce carbon emissions while saving household expenses. Minimize the use or use of disposable chopsticks, cups, and other household items, and try to avoid manufacturing disposable waste, reducing the waste of public resources, and environmental pollution.

When ordering dishes in a restaurant, order as much as you want, and avoid extravagance and waste. The same goes for eating at home. Don't waste, and focus on saving.

When traveling, try to choose public transportation to reduce carbon emissions and atmospheric pollution.

In addition to purchasing green products, there are also options for circular consumption models such as "rent instead of buy". For some products that are less frequently used, such as outdoor appliances such as tents and cassettes that are used for camping in tropical fires, or products that are frequently updated such as books and children's toys, leasing can be used instead of buying and selling. This not only reduces consumers' daily expenses, but also greatly increases the frequency of use of items and reduces resource waste.

There is no substitute for the ecological environment. "If you don't feel it when you use it, it's hard to keep it when you lose it.". Let's take positive action, green consumption, pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and contribute to building a beautiful China!

(Source: Integrated Self Network)

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