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Product introduction: The production technology of multi-functional biological fertilizer is a result of more than 20 years of research and experiment with the participation of multi-disciplinary scientists. It has been granted an invention patent and has complet……

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The production technology of multi-functional biological fertilizer is a result of more than 20 years of research and experiment with the participation of multi-disciplinary scientists. It has been granted an invention patent and has completed a pilot test. Main technical indicators of the product: total nutrient ≥ 5~25%, organic matter ≥ 25~45%, effective viable bacteria ≥ 20 million/g, water content ≤ 30%. The formula and process use the proprietary technology of "multi-functional bio organic fertilizer" and "multi-functional compound microbial fertilizer" of the project company. The main base material of the product uses a variety of materials containing organic substances, such as local livestock and poultry manure, various kinds of straws and various organic solid wastes. After reasonable proportion and microbial fermentation, the nutrient balance is achieved. It has the functions of degrading "agricultural residues", including reducing the pollution of harmful heavy metals, significantly reducing crop diseases and insect pests, repairing soil, improving crop quality and yield, and especially has significant effects on suppressing soil borne diseases.

Mr. Yuan Denghui, the technical director of our company, is the main inventor of patented technologies such as "multi-functional biological organic fertilizer", "multi-functional compound microbial fertilizer", "amino acid organic fertilizer", and "amino acid complex fertilizer". Since 1995, Mr. Yuan has organized experts in biology, chemistry, agriculture, machinery, physics, new building materials and other fields to tackle key problems. After more than 20 years of efforts, he has five national invention patents related to fertilizers, eight invention patents related to environmental protection and a number of supporting utility model patents.

Main features of the product:

1. It can completely replace chemical fertilizer. It is unnecessary to apply any other chemical fertilizer or other organic fertilizer to use this product in the whole process of crop growth, and the fertilizer effect is more than three times of that of other nutrient inorganic fertilizer.

2. Quickly repair the soil, with initial results within one year. With this product, the original hardened soil can be turned into a loose "sponge land". After one year, earthworms can be seen in dry land and loaches can be seen in paddy fields. After three to five years of continuous use of this product, the soil is expected to recover its original ecology.

3. Effectively degrade "pesticide residues" and greatly reduce pests and diseases. It is a special function of this product to degrade "pesticide residues", including reducing the content of some harmful heavy metals. The product can also greatly reduce crop diseases and insect pests and soil borne diseases.

4. It is easy to operate and has strong universality. Most of the crops using this product can be fertilized at one time, which can be widely used for different crops and soil quality in different regions.

5. The overall investment is low and the effect of increasing production is good. The fertilizer effect of this product is high and the amount of fertilizer used is small. The overall input cost is lower than that of similar products, and the amount of fertilizer used decreases year by year, which can decrease to about 50% of the initial amount in 3-5 years; Compared with the existing chemical fertilizer, the final consumption will be lower if calculated according to the same continuous use.

Production environment:

1. No pollutant discharge

The production of this microbial fertilizer is an environmental protection project with no pollution discharge, no harmful gas, and no residual waste residue. In addition to fundamentally solving the problems of livestock manure, straw resource utilization, reducing agricultural non-point source pollution, and the effective use of solid waste, it solves a problem of environmental protection.

2. Environmental protection

① Biological deodorization pretreatment system

Wet solid wastes, such as livestock manure, are generally transported to the plant after deodorization pretreatment at the place where they are produced, to avoid odor nuisance on the way. The wet material is transported in a closed way. When the transport vehicle enters the raw material workshop and dumps into the wet material storage tank, the biological deodorization system of the workshop is opened at the same time to pretreat and deodorize the wet solid waste, which can remove the peculiar smell generated when the wet solid waste is dumped.

② Workshop micro negative pressure deodorization system

In the production process, each main production workshop adopts a micro negative pressure deodorization system to collect the gas in the workshop, which is transmitted to the biological spraying deodorization tank through the pipeline system for centralized deodorization.

③ Domestic sewage recycling system

No industrial wastewater will be produced in the production process. After biological treatment, the domestic wastewater will meet the Class III water quality standard. It can be used for the production of plastic packaging bags, as well as the plant greening water and toilet flushing water, so as to realize the recycling of water.

④ Packaging material resource utilization system

Plastic packaging materials for production raw materials will be used to produce product packaging bags, so that there is no solid waste generated in the production process.



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