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Clear water and blue sky,Respect nature and compete for the future

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Product introduction: The company is determined to build a luxurious desert ecological sightseeing garden and a desert agricultural and livestock product base. The masterpiece of turning desert into oasis has become a model for the revitalization of sand areas in……

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The company is determined to build a luxurious desert ecological sightseeing garden and a desert agricultural and livestock product base. The masterpiece of turning desert into oasis has become a model for the revitalization of sand areas in reality.

In order to completely eliminate the desert hazards, the expert group, under the leadership of Mr. Yan Guangcai, made a systematic investigation on 12 desert sandy lands distributed in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and other places, and had a good grasp of the climate, water sources, animal and plant ecosystems of these desert sandy lands. He successfully managed 83 meter high sand dunes in Hangjinhou Banner, Inner Mongolia, which is very difficult in desert management. He also presided over the establishment of the "China Post Hangzhou International Desert Control Demonstration Base", which was praised and recognized by experts from the international community. After 13 years of hard exploration, he led the * group to develop the "mechanized biological rapid treatment method of desert", which is a treatment method based on mechanized scale construction and biotechnology as the core technology; The biotechnology refers to the technologies and methods that include macro biology (plants, animals) and micro biology (beneficial microorganisms) to play a synergistic role. By using this method, it only takes six to seven years to transform all the twelve desert sandy lands with a total area of 674400 square kilometers into oases.

We solved the 48 problems in desert control summarized in the field survey one by one, mainly including eight aspects:

1、 A new water source system has been developed, which can condense water in the air and use saline alkali water in desert lakes. The daily condensate of a single set of equipment can reach 300 tons.

2、 A mechanized slurry spraying type desert rapid treatment equipment system has been developed, which can be used for mechanized construction of rapid treatment.

3、 A large desert water storage method has been developed. One pool can store 150000 cubic meters of water. The pool can be built quickly without reinforced cement.

4、 We have developed a special method of planting trees in the desert without seasonal restrictions; Even in hot summer, trees with leaves can also be planted to survive, so that windbreaks can form quickly in the same year or two.

5、 A microbial application technology system has been developed to rapidly realize the desertification of desert with microbial technology.

6、 We have developed a special "bio composite crystal steel" building material. The built houses have no energy consumption, automatic temperature control (warm in winter and cool in summer), and are green, environment-friendly and pollution-free (the number of indoor negative oxygen ions is 10 times that of the outside world); The material has high strength adhesive force (more than 3 times of traditional concrete), small proportion of material (equivalent to 35% of the weight of concrete products), and compressive strength (bearing capacity more than 20 times of ordinary cement board). The materials can prevent fire, frost, aging, acid and alkali, deformation and impact; In addition, the low cost combined structure is used to quickly complete the installation, providing excellent accommodation conditions for desertification control personnel. This building material can also be used to set up sand barriers and wind barriers to meet the needs of sand control projects.

7、 Dominated by the concept of "benefit ecology", the stems and leaves of various plants that survive in the year after desert control can be processed into leaf protein and animal feed, which will generate income in the year. Later, with the passage of time, the income will double, realizing the parallel of control and economic benefits.

8、 We have developed the technology of "electricity, magnetism, sound and wave". After being treated with "electricity, magnetism, sound and wave", various plant seeds and living plants in the nature can change their genes, grow fast and yield high.

With these mature technologies, we can boldly declare war on the desert, asking for arable land and food from the desert; It will make great contributions to solving the food disaster faced by mankind and expanding the living space of mankind.

The operation steps of the mechanized system for rapid desert management: one step, level the uneven sand or push it into a gentle slope below 15 °; The second step is to mix the soil, various plant seeds, fertilizers and microbial agents into a paste; The third step is to spray the mixed mud on the sand with a spray truck; From the 5th day, all kinds of seedlings will grow on the sand. After water spraying, these seedlings can turn into an oasis to lock the desert in a month, and turn the desert into an oasis in a year.

Another subject we studied - "benefit ecology" is applied to desert control. The desert sandy land after treatment can become a food and agriculture base, a grass industry base, a medicine base, a breeding base, etc; These bases have been effective since the year of desert control. Since then, the benefits have increased year by year. All kinds of products planted in the base are pollution-free green products, and the breeding is ecological high-grade livestock products.

There is no other way in the world to quickly eliminate deserts through mechanization, let alone to quickly generate benefits from deserts and sandy lands after elimination. Therefore, the implementation of this study is a major measure and milestone for desert control.

Soil pollution control

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