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Ecological restoration of tailings Classification: Ecological restoration of tailings

Product introduction: Ecological restoration of tailings

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The biological treatment method of tailings, which combines micro-organisms (microorganisms) and macro-organisms (plants), carries out in-situ ecological remediation of tailings, turns tailings into cultivable "soil", and gradually degrades harmful substances therein, will be of great significance to fundamentally solve the problem of tailings treatment.

Examples of steps:

1、 Land consolidation: engineering restoration of the land to be restored with the goal of being suitable for plant growth.

2、 Land improvement: prepare special microbial preparations according to the composition characteristics of the tailings to be repaired and put them into the matrix (the matrix is common organic fertilizer). Use mechanical construction to evenly mix the microbial matrix into the surface layer of tailings (30-50cm).

3、 Planting: After the surface layer of tailings is initially soiled (about 30 days), plant giant fungus grass at a density of about 700 plants per mu.

4、 Sound wave drive mice: use sound wave technology to drive mice to prevent seeds from being destroyed by mice until emergence.

5、 Management and protection:

(1). Use electromagnetic sound wave technology to promote the rapid growth of plants after emergence until the seedling height reaches the standard.

(2). Regular watering, fertilization, harvesting and other routine management and protection during plant growth.


 Ecological restoration of tailings

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